TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO РA CASE STUDY. The response to NPK fertilization of six-year-old litchi trees, cultivar. Index terms Air layering; Litchi chinensis Sonn; propagation. Resumo Agriculture Tecnica in Mexico, M̩xico, v n, p. , TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO РA CASE _5 AN OVERVIEW OF LITCHI (LITCHI CHINENSIS) PRODUCTION BY.

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Third, the young plants should be healthy with no diseases or pests.

Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn) propagation. New Technologies and innovations

The rind is inedible but easily removed to expose a layer of translucent white fleshy aril with a floral smell and a fragrant, sweet flavor. Propagation tables made with material to oxidation and corrosion should be of adequate dimensions for manipulation of the plants with about cm height and cm width which will allow to place about transversal lines of potted plants per table easily accessible.

The young plants should be uprooted with soil at a depth of cm and a diameter of cm.

Intermittent mist greatly increased the percentage of cutting rooted and an early success. Although there is substantial increase in carbohydrates in the shoots due to girdling, and fail to result in increased rooting of cuttings. Reasons for use Grafting needs skills and experiences as well as sharp tools to ensure success. To facilitate transplanting, they should be at a distance of not less than double their length sown around cm Propagation by air layering This is the most widely used propagation method for litchi and the one which gives the most successful results.

In Queensland Australia, semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings, collected from cv. It is also desirable that a separate place for substrata disinfection will be available close chinenssis the propagation site. Treatments to induce rooting Several treatments e.


Introduction The most commonly used commercial method of propagation of litchi is air layering. If the potted plants are to be placed on the soil surface instead of on tables the containers should be isolated from it with anti-rooting nets to avoid rooting on the soils surface unless the nursery soil will be made with concrete or similar materials. To reach this size, the msxico should have undergone at least two cycles of flush growth.

Roots usually developed faster on branches with mature vegetative growth compared to recently flushed wood. Although propagation by cuttings is done in many countries and stooling has been reported as highly successful in India, air layering is the most common commercial way of propagation for this species.

cinensis Quantick and John M. The bark is grey-black, the branches a brownish-red. Type of cuttings Hardwood cuttings from an active flush of new growth root more readily than those from dormant hardwood cuttings. Special attention will be given to the nursery organization in terms of plants classification according to their age, licthi and development weak or distorted plants must be eliminated.

They are also very slow to bear, usually 10 years or more Menzel, and because of this are not appropriate for commercial plantings and are only used as rootstocks for grafting and for research and breeding purposes.

Fourth, budwoods should be collected on the same day of grafting operation. A note on the propagation of litchi. When the centre opening of trees is carried out as part of training and pruning, stereo fruiting can be achieved for higher orchard productivity. This method is most commonly used for propagating litchi as it needs much less skill and force to operate.


A investigation by the U. For application of IBA, several methods viz. The incorporation of soil from old plantations has been recommended because of the potential benefit of soil mycorrhizae present Higgins, ; Kadman and Slor, but soil must be free from pests and diseases and the required disinfection will kill the arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi. How to cite this article.

Lychee – Wikipedia

Litchi trees undergo recurrent flushing, with terminal buds alternating between rest and growth status even under constant growth conditions. Treatment with indole butyric acid IBA produces a fibrous root system both at lower and higher concentrations. The inconvenience is the size of the rooting ball, which is two to chinensie times bigger than the first one. Third, through grafting, rootstocks may affect many traits of the scion cultivars, such as hardiness, tree vigor and flowering time.

The cginensis of lychee by cuttings. Therefore, after taken from the fruit, they should be placed in wetted sand as soon as possible to force germination. Fourth, grafting as a method of propagation makes use of seedlings as rootstock.

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Criteria for selection of mother plants for air layering Chinenais mother plants for air layering should be young preferably below 15 years of agevigorous and healthy. The method was reported as simpler, quicker and economical than the age-old air layering. These fruit typically have a higher price, due to having more edible flesh.

For single branch, without the crown, it is recommended to keep it in the nursery until hardening of the second flush, which will need five to six month after potting.