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Am I forgetting something?

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories by Lord Dunsany

The soul of Old Tom the robber is physically chafed by his inhuman death, and suffers after we,leran body is rotted. Dunsany is verbose, comically poetic, confusingly ironic, naive and jaded all at once. Ten magnificent illustrations by S. They will take you on a remarkable journey to places that sometimes seem soft and pleasant, sometimes bleak and ominous — but always surprising.

Get this b Lord Dunsany was an Irish Nobleman who was intrumental in popularizing Chess in Ireland, invented his own version of “Fantasy Chess” one side has standard pieces and the other 32 pawns which is still being played, and wrote fantasy books and stories which he successfully published.

I had expected nothing less. Naturally, he relies on Euclidian geometry to restore him to his rational senses. I enjoyed most of the stories.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories

It is entirely fitting that, considering his time and circumstances, Dunsany’s stories are a bit more formal, a bit sadder, a bit slower, a bit “older” feeling than “The Lord of the Rings”, and wleleran much anything written since. More than eighty books of his work were published, and his oeuvre includes hundreds of short stories, as well as successful plays, novels and essays.


There’s a strong hint from the finery and monotony of their tapestries that the whole place is run by spiders. I could envision the city of Merimna and all of its monuments being described somewhat like a fantastic Greek or Roman city perfectly as Dunsany must have dreamed them and not a word is wasted. Of course, some novels in the collection are more exciting than others: It becomes convinced that it ee like a soul. Best enjoyed by pairing the text with the just-as-fantastic illustration of Sidney Sime, one of weloeran greatest illustrators.

The writing is beautiful and often Victorian.

Lord Dunsany writes fantasy and he doesn’t feel any shame in using elements which today fantasy less writers will firmly refuse: I wasn’t convinced in the beginning and sympathized with the cute little man eating monster but the time in the fortress was truly magical and I really appreciate the philosophical questions raised at the end.

The title story, “The Sword espadz Welleran”, is the first tale I read by Dunsany, and it still is perhaps my most favorite fantasy short story. The main character is a “Wild Thing” a fairy, of course who lives in the marshes of the country.

lecturas errantes: The Sword of Welleran, de Lord Dunsany

And the hide of his back is of steel, and his underparts are of iron; but along the midst of his back, over his spine, there lies a strip of unearthly metal. Feb 09, Pop Bop rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have no quibble with that position. Instantly this story drew me into another world through Dunsany’s simply elegant storytelling.

The Fortress Unvanquishable was a great example of early Wel,eran and Sorcery, helping to shape the core elements of Dungeons and Dragons, Conan the Barbarian and many others that followed in their example. Who shall see them again, or who wot of them?


Still, the “The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth” sparked images in my mind which made me want to illustrate the story.

Sometimes, the sheer scope of the collection leaves individual stories seeming fragmented and unrelated to one another, making this overview review very difficult to write. Apr 10, Lance rated it really liked it Recommended to Lance by: Infelizmente, este conto pareceu-me mais fraco que o primeiro do epsada “A Espada de Welleran”.

Maybe he had heard something about William Morris and George Macdonald, and read some of their books, but even so fantasy at those times was like a virgin forest, waiting to be discovered. Five stars, no doubt. And so the young Wild Thing becomes a young woman. A collection of really excellent fantasy stories from Lord Dunsany This collection contains some really excellent short fantasy stories from the Appendix N author, Lord Dunsany.

Aug 05, Ethan rated it it was amazing Shelves: But in their quiet and contemplative moments they recount and reflect upon tales from earlier times, involving the ancient nobility of legendary heroes from barely remembered lands. And he is rewarded with the great blade which makes up the crocodile’s backbone. The remainder tended to be shorter pieces that consisted of philosophical and mythological discourses in the guise of dialogue or monologue.

There is poetry in the prose and strong visual elements.