Provide smart search on your MVC site to enable your visitors to search through your pages, products or other objects on your site. Smart search is an. Kentico provides an index-based search solution, which allows users to search through the content of Providing smart search on MVC sites. Smart Search retrieves the appropriate data from the database and stores it in an index file using an easily searchable format. When website visitors submit a.

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Full-text Search | Kentico CMS for

Schedule a 1-on-1 Demo. I believe the AmazonCache folder is only be used when defining web. Farah El Agha answered on October 31, Here is screenshot on how to find the user running app pool in IIS. I’ve checked the location that files are being generated in and it seems to be this one: You have full control over the content of every search index.

No thats what I meant when I said that it seatch not a web part kenttico, if we flip to to Page app, under Design tab, we cannot find anything to edit!

I would try applying the latest hotfix as well. Lastly, check the scheduled tasks. As an update, today I opened my PC to find that the index is rebuilt and optimized but only for 1 file:.

  ASTM D3910 PDF

When you use Fiddler or Wireshark, what requests do you see?

Can you see the index files in the following folder: If so, you need to delete all those from database sorry there is no select all and delete in the UI. Please note that I have created another index with other values and I tried to rebuild it after saving the changes but also the same result!

This allows them to find out easily if the entered keywords are relevant and also enables quick navigation searcu results without needing to go through a dedicated search page. David te Kloese answered on August 31, Rui Wang answered on October 31, Synonym Search Kentico allows visitors to search for synonyms of words defined in the search query.

Additionally, the search functionality can be limited for visitors, according to assigned permissions.

Full-text Search

Each blog post should be entered within the content tree. Schedule Your Demo Now!

Are they any content editable under the Form tab? Search requests that use the “Any word or synonyms” search mode allow visitors to find a wider set of results based on synonyms. During this live presentation, we will help you: Are they content entered within the Admin UI?

Support of Stemming Stemming is the removal of suffixes from words. Hi, What is the exact version including hotfix? Once it’s cleared, try to rebuild again. But no matter how much time I wait, nothing seems to change and the indexes are not rebuilding.


If running in a cloud service, then make sure you’re not storing those files in blob storage or storage off of the website.

What the Experts Have to Say. Technically it should, but just in case Farah El Agha asked on October 30, Official brand guide, including Graphics, Content, and Web Development guidelines and best practices. Then, are you using Amazon or other external storage? First, check page type app, find the type for the blog post, check the “Search fields” tab on the left side, are the blog text fields been checked for index?

The web server is still behaving in the same way – so you need to ensure the page crawler invoked by Kentico can access the site – in other words, the server must be able to access itself internally.

Show Me the Report.