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Lifejacket N, ISO It is a new design with high buoyancy for maximum security. A large flotation collar supports the user’s head for keeping the head. STANDARD. ISO. First edition. Personal flotation devices —. Part 3: Lifejackets ISO’s member body in the country of the requester. The ISO series for personal flotation devices (lifejackets and buoyancy aids) was prepared by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

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In doubt, refer to the leaflet.

If in doubt, unscrew the gas cylinder and assure yourself that the cylinder has not already been 1240-3 by control of the unbroken seal of the cylinder. These are popular products because they have a perfect balance between function, freedom of movement and security. Additionally ixo can be inflated by manually pulling the toggle, to ensure safety of the people at risk to drowning. If you find any breakage or gas leaking, please contact the local service central immediately.

For persons 40 kg and over. The inflatable life jacket has the advantages of small size, light weight, comfort, easy use, and is suitable for offshore 122402-3. This category contains all—purpose, specialist buoyancy aids and floatation clothing. Main parameter 1 Body mass kg: Also please check carefully every part of the life jacket. Can be inflated manually or automatically. In emergency situation, when a person wearing the life jacket has fallen into water, the life jacket will be inflated by the automatic inflation system within 5 seconds.


It is more important that a lifejacket should be selected for fit and comfort and not to be able to ride up rather than the weight category kso on the label. Manual or Automatic inflation. Try out the life jacket to ascertain its performance before the first use.

The reflective tapes provide aim for the rescuer to find the person to be rescued at low visibility conditions. Please reconsider to use in this case a life jacket of higher buoyancy level. Which size should I select? Suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers. Do not apply any diapers which provide buoyancy 124022-3 using the lifejacket.

For persons 25kg and over. Must be used by swimmers only as they do not help you onto a safe back position in the water. CO2 8 Gas content in cylinder: Should you require more freedom of movement and extra buoyancy please look at Newton inflatable lifejackets. Never expose the life jacket to the sun for a long time.

Lifejacket N, ISO

When staying in water for a long izo and finding the buoyancy not sufficient, please inflate the chamber additionally with the oral inflation tube. For industrial use only.


When staying in water for a long time and finding the buoyancy not sufficient, please inflate the chamber with the oral inflation tube. They shall be kept away from children and must not be misused. Which model should I select?

ISO 12402: International standard for personal flotation devices (lifejackets and buoyancy aids)

Additionally, it can be inflated by manually pulling the toggle, to ensure safety of the people at risk to drowning. The life jacket consists of one air chamberwhich is made of nylon D oxford 1202-3 composite material, an automatic inflation system including one CO2 cylinder, and an oral inflation tube.

If you require more buoyancy or are a non-swimmer you should look at our Newton lifejacket selection and these are available in sizes to suit persons from 3 kg to over Kg. Gas cylinders are dangerous goods. A good buoyancy aid rated to 50Newton class will support a person over 25 kg with a good freeboard but will still require the wearer to be a good swimmer as it will not turn you over into the safe back position.