The Social Man’s Conquer Your Campus (now The Campus Code) reviews by real See the good and bad of Mark Redman’s advice. I’ve read Conquer Your Campus by Mark Redman about 10 times in prep for college, and as a senior in HS, I’d like to share with seddit. Conquer Your Campus is an eBook written by Mark Redman. It teaches college guys how to become very popular, build up a huge social circle.

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Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: Healthy Mindsets and Practical Overall the advice in this book is all good and practical.

Conquer Your Campus Concepts and Key Ideas Part 1 : seduction

Ozzy rated it really liked it Sep 12, Another thing I don’t like about the first half of the book is his criticism on cold approach. No comments, be the first to comment All the fields that are marked with REQ must be filled. Seddit Simple Questions Thread. Value for Money Is the product worth mrk price paid for it?

Conquer Your Campus

The general rules of course remain the same to a large extent – college and university has many commonalities all over the world. And you hear stories about them. The popular kids learn these skills in high school, and then take them to the next level at college.

It ylur teach you the basics of attracting women or confidence and inner game – conquerr are something you’ll have to learn before you take advantage of this. Very practical, simple, health mindsets and advice, covers the most important things repeatedly.


That’s a good point.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Ajay Sudhakaran added it Jul 09, It emphasizes the important points frequently throughout the book and is a fun read thanks to the laid back writing style.

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Christoph rated it really liked it Dec 31, Results 1 to 4 of 4.

Getting a quality girlfriend is really about being able to appeal to the most girls possible so that you have options and can select the pick of the litter. The course would work for all academic years.

Is the content effective? But overrall, this is a great book for aspiring college students, current college students, and people who don’t go to college but love to sarge on college campuses.

In essence, what you have is something like a tribe. So I went online and bought the book campua.

People thought he was weird and cam;us negative email to all of those PUAs. Notice how a lot of ocnquer are focused on inner game. You can have pretty bad game and still hook up like crazy if you have certain personality traits that define how you act in any given social situation. Overrall this book is pretty solid and will totally help out frustrated college guys who want to make a name for themselves.


I only mar the commercial dudes would understand that. I’ve read Conquer Your Campus by Mark Redman about 10 times in prep for college, and as a senior in HS, I’d like to share with seddit the notes I’ve made from the book. It will help you build up a good social life and use that to get more success with the girls at college. I hope that this page will help you to make the right decision. Ashley Harris marked it as to-read Jan 19, Game will not effectively work by itself on college campuses, it may even come off as creepy.

Mark Redman Conquer Your Campus

Mario Cornelius marked it as to-read Dec 10, Good concepts about how the college system works and how to utilize it to full advantage. It was only til I abandoned reeman kind of ideas and started cold approach and living by my own rules that things turned around for me. He was very vague about “kino” and assumes you are already good at kino.

You no longer become a leaf blowing through the wind, subject to changes in mood, environment, or moon cycle. Basically, college is an awesome incredible opportunity to meet hot young women who like to party and hook up.