“Prin codri de simboluri petrece omu-n viaţă / Şi toate-l cercetează c-un ochi prietenesc.” (Man walks BECIU, Camelia, , Comunicare şi discurs mediatic. Camelia Beciu states that any “electoral debate (or any other mediatic product) is a relevant .. BECIU, Camelia, , Comunicare şi discurs mediatic. Camelia BECIU (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, .. Revista română de comunicare ºi relaţii publice si la notion d’identité est une ressource pour la compréhension conceptuelle et empirique de la diaspora. Acest studiu explorativ investighează construcţia, prin discursul mediatic.

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In the functional theory of political discourse, candidates are positioned on the preference scale by three discursive functions: Attacks are discursive interventions targeting weaknesses and limitations of the opponent Benoit, The descending order in the distribution of frequencies was maintained in the second debate cimunicare well: Vote is a comparative cwmelia Candidates should distinguish themselves from other opponents; Political campaign messages allow candidates to distinguish themselves from others ddiscurs assert their identity.

Only in the case of the opposition candidate, Klaus Iohannis, during the second debate, the relationship between the three discursive functions is consistent with the first hypothesis: The last part of the paper is dedicated to conclusions. Klaus Iohannis used this strategy even more often 12, respectively, 16 times in the acclamations.

presidential debate | Cultures Of Communication – Cultures de la Communication

Pursuit begins with the effort of finding an inner landmark, of installing yourself in this outside with an identity because the world, which is exterior, tends to reduce you to its exteriority, says Heidegger. Enunciations in the second debate 12 NovemberB1TV. The data presented in the Table 1 show that during the first debate, opposition candidate Klaus Iohannis attacked more The fifth hypothesis was partially confirmed. We depart from Benoit hypothesis regarding functions of the discourse in political campaigns:.

All five hypotheses of the functional theory were tested in the two televised debates for the presidential elections in Romania, November,11 and 12, at Realitatea TV channel, and B1 TV channel respectively.


political communication culture | Cultures Of Communication – Cultures de la Communication

His presence there means serving the common good. Authentic, living performance can be the solution for politicians to take seriously the experience of exteriority and to return to the naturalness of interiority.

Victor Ponta used offensive enunciations much more on the Policies theme than on dizcurs Character theme. The structure of main topics by discursive functions, in the first debate 11 NovemberRealitatea TV. His state of exteriority is a fall to great esteem. These topics, formulated as attacks, have caused numerous defensive enunciations from his opponent, Victor Ponta.

From the outside, the exteriority where camdlia had been sent, inside, to common people. The particular mode in which social players use the three discursive functions in the debate can be used by voters to decide which of the candidates is preferred. Candidates set up desirability are positioned on a preference scale by three discursive functions: This could be considered an easier approach in comparison with more complex strategies as acclamations.

One cannot have a dialogue with a wall; one cannot have a dialogue with something closed. In the first televised debate, the frequencies for each type of discursive function were: All five predictions of functional theory were mediaitc in the two televised debates for presidential elections in Romania: Dialogue means, on the contrary, availability, opening.

We depart from Benoit hypothesis regarding functions of the discourse in political campaigns: The data show that the bceiu who was already in power Victor Ponta prime-minister at that time used the defense strategy more often than the opposition candidate Klaus Iohannis, in both debates: We depart from the five axioms formulated by Benoit However, the present study, but other studies conducted in Europe, such as the study of Isotalus in connection with the debates in Finland, do not fully confirm the assumptions of functional theory.

Researchers argue that the model of the functional analysis of the debates could be transferable between different cultures, because in their semantic spaces the concepts of acclaim, attack and defense are isomorphic.


The functional theoretical approach in the political discourse is assimilated to a type of cost-benefit analysis.

It makes you melt inside it. The chi-square test calculated for the three types of discursive functions shows significant differences siscurs the way the two candidates sk those functions in the two debates: This paper proposes an analysis of televised debates for presidential elections in Romania, in Novemberfrom the perspective of functional theory of political didcurs discourse.

And then you have to do something. Still, our study shows similarities with the results obtained in other countries, and highlights on potential differences, which challenge the functional theory assumptions.

The general objectives are invoked more to the acclaim than in the attacks. The first axiom implies a certain competence of the citizens, who have to decide on preference of a particular candidate in a comparative way. Televised debate can be regarded as a diagnosis of the civilisation of dialogue in the local political life.

political communication culture

In order to test the hypothesis of the functional theory, we used the content analysis techniques, mainly thematic content s. Second, defensive enunciations may create the impression that a candidate is reactive, rather than proactive. Obviously, political messages and declarations aim to win the election.

Any problem, any crisis can be solved by talking.

presidential debate

Note here that Klaus Iohannis is currently the president of Romania. For the acclamations, Ponta used values 9, respectively, 14 times; and for attacks, 2, respectively, 6 times. The two debates constituted the corpus for our analysis.

The three types of discursive interventions may be slightly operationalized and defined in multiple languages and cultures. Registration units were considered assertions, claims, statements, and arguments of dlscurs themesand each theme was coded for one out of the three discursive functions: