BRAZEN FEMMES: QUEERING FEMININITY Lucky 3 on the Mic: Anna Camilleri, Chloë Brushwood Rose and Michelle Tea. Tuesday, June 3rd pm. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, Paperback. p., very good first edition trade paperback original in black pictorial wraps. A Manifesto for ther.

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If that is not what you meant, then maybe we agree; my point is that anyone who is queer can identify as femme. Nor will you find racy butch-femme erotica or fluttery poetry describing the exquisite pain of corset-lacing and the subversive power of red lipstick. It’s the second-last thing in the book, and it’s not one of the book’s strong points at that.

Brazen Femme recognizes femme as an identity in flux and in motion, as qkeering being reinvented. The collection includes the entertaining and challenging work of writers and artists whose stories are missing from existing explorations of femme that exclude experiences of men, transsexual women, and sex workers. There are lots of ideas in this book to either relate to or to consider as a new perspective.

Fem me is put feminintiy, a put-on, fetish production at the hands of subject becoming object, becoming fetish, while always retaining a sense of performance, always amused yet possibly bored by its effects. Obviously not a scientist, or she’d pick a better word. This book was not what I expected. Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha was my fav author of the anthology, her piece was fantastic. Log in to Reply.

Occasionally, this desire to make the discussion about femme to NOT be about femme felt strained. Oct 10, Elin rated it it was ok. Apr 20, Sara rated it liked it. Whether by choice or necessity, these frenzied femmes each explore their desires to make and remake femininity fit their own queer frames. My summer reading list right now is getting insane. Trivia About Brazen Femme: Some essays were amazing, but a lot felt heavy-handed, or like they were relying too much on style and metaphor and not enough on emotional or literary impact.

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Who is the quantum femme?

She co-edited the anthology Brazen Femme: As with Anna’s other work, there is a lot of rape related stories, which I’m not so into, fmme the text that deals with identity is fantastic. A page and a half of I-don’t-care. But mostly, a lot of this book was either forgettable or shoddily-written. I wish it was longer, or that there was a second volume.

Currently, Anna is writing a novel and a play. But aside from that, I did enjoy it, especially some of the poetry, and I would recommend it as a general queer identity read.

Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity – Google Books

Anyone at all familiar with lesbian culture is at least marginally aware of femme invisibility, and those who have been affected by it — typically those who identify as femme — have also felt ridiculously frustrated. Return to Book Page. You make a good point though.

Mila Mila has written 2 articles for us. Good lord it’s infuriating to try and get through a piece which does this constantly.

I was really disappointed in this book. Return to Big Calendar. Despite the shortcomings of some of the contributing author’s pieces, I truly did appreciate this collection. Somehow I was expecting non-fiction.

[PDF] Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity Full Collection

Having to correct people and explain over and over again gets so old! It also seeks to include a class perspective, including voices from sex workers, poor folks, and others oft excluded or looked down for their occupation or lack of pedigree, depending o I think for being published in this book mostly gets it right. Jan 18, Tawny rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 03, Heather rated it it was ok Shelves: All in all, though, a really valuable read.


I feel bad for writing such a mean review, but this book had so much potential, and I wish the editors had picked better pieces. You need to login in order to like this post: Queeing this day, it beazen one of my favorite books ever. No eBook available Amazon.

I’m not sure how I feel about this book. Another thing I like about this book is that it explores femme identity as separate from normative I started and finished this brief anthology during a three-hour train ride. Jul 04, Sassafras Lowrey rated it it was amazing. It’s a good mix of personal essays, critical, essays, poems, and even some comics.

The one criticism I did have of the books a whole was the glaring absence of trans women from a book that even included two different chapters by men: Jul 27, Rini rated it liked it Shelves: Anna Camilleri is a writer, performance poet, curator, and producer living in Toronto. And it makes that clear from its cover image. As a queer femme, I absolutely loved this so, so much, such a radical and beautiful read. You May Also Like This event was part of the National Queer Arts Festival for more information about the Festival, our archives or Qcc go to www.

That is not this book at all– and that’s a good thing! Even some feemininity after sleeping with girls.