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Introducing new models by audio manufacturers is conditioned by various factors. The E is not a champion of differentiation, there’s no beating around the bush; incidentally, no integrated amplifier from accupahse manufacturer has ever been.

In the latest model, the E, they are for the first time joined by an alphanumeric display on LED modules. It all started with the E, which was introduced in Mayalmost exactly two years after the start of business of this Japanese company.

The reasons for this state of accuphasee may be sought in variety of factors, with the ever popular theme of “conspiracy” between manufacturers, or between manufacturers and journalists, or distributors and journalists, or other, very exotic “alliances”. We are glad to see you are using our service again. I rarely have an opportunity to directly compare “descending” and “ascending” devices in the series.

Still, it is an Accuphase so do not expect that Rolls-Royce becomes Lamborghini overnight. Generally speaking, I would not treat the E as a remedy for anything. The new amplifier sports a redesigned negative current feedback loop, resulting in minimized output cacuphase and twice the damping factor vs.

Only one board at a time can be used, however. The device was placed on the Acoustic Revive RST anti-vibration platform, just like the E it was compared with. One of the more important determinants is also the frequency of a new product launch.


From the point of view of purists, people willing to spend exorbitant money on their beloved toys, such products are not worthy their attention because there are much more expensive, and hence much more desirable devices.

E Ampl/Mixer Accuphase Laboratory, Yokohama, build

Out of the blue I was transported to a complete different universe, the universe with sparkling air, pure water, aaccuphase sky and the universe lit with sunrays. The E appreciates a minute warm-up before it sounds its best. The E does not “cut out” anything from soundstage. Each successor of a previous model is in fact launched every three, four or five years.

It is supposed to be able to compensate for poor room acoustics. Trust me, these are two completely different approaches, yielding two different results. Listening to the E and the E next to each other allows to appreciate to a much greater extent what the Accuphase engineers have done; what the changes between the previous model and the current one, however minor, translate into. With good amplifiers – and the T is a good amplifier – I have a tendency to listen through the most period pieces in my music collection.

That was the case with the new album pressing of Accuphas Hann playing Bach.

Such was the case with amplifiers from Krell and Mark Levinson, and so it is with the “entry level” integrateds from Accuphase. I’m looking for a service manual for the legendary Accuphase P or at least a good resolution readable schamatic.

Let me also add that it was a pleasure to listen through the headphones via the amplifier headphone output. A selection of recordings used during auditions: In case of the new amplifier it is, however, cosmetic. The E was manufactured from until The sound is full of passion and verve with very wide bandwidth. As I said, the amplifier offers good bandwidth extension, both from above and from below.


As I said, the kind of music does not matter. And by the way, they have perfect organ pipe system up there. Japanese love classical music, they are polite, well-mannered and modest — so is the E The latter is unquestionably better in the E Bass is really engaging, has accuphsse color, and is well differentiated in its mid and upper band.

In this case, it seems to be just the right amount. E The AD cannot be installed accuphaee the user. Looking at the Accuphase E And to our peace of mind, which is not to be underestimated. Accuphase very hard to beat plus got tone controls and has pre-out and main-in to upgrade in the future It is closed, hermetic.

Consequently, when we hook up the E with a device other than a player from Accuphase or Luxman, the phase on speaker outputs will be reversed. It’s up to the user. If you have a chance to start on a blank page, i.


You could suffer a fatal electrical shock! It is a separate entity.

We need to keep in mind that within the four years that separate these products the cost of materials e. Multilayered vocals of Flying Ee-210 Big MouthInak were exquisitely smooth and reasonably dynamic, even though a bit understated.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comment on how we run Hifi-Manuals.