The Malcador Infernus is a mobile fortress like its brothers, with an enormous wound count, a strong 3+ save and Toughness 8. The key feature. The Malcador Infernus tank can be outfitted with a variety of upgrades . dozen Forge Worlds across the Imperium to standards only usually. Quick Malcador Infernus question – posted in + HORUS HERESY RULES +: Is the Malcador Infernus a legal ROW legion option? At first glance.

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As a result, they are rarely deployed amongst the Imperial Guard’s armored regiments.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Mark the Malcador as one of those units you do NOT want to charge.

30Kplus40K: Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Malcador Infernus Special Weapons Tank

Juicy juicy options indeed! Initial production runs were channeled to the elite Solar Auxiliain particular those cohorts operating against foes equipped with heavy mqlcador or in the case of the myriad xenos enemies still infesting the stars, tank analogues. Because yes, 40k is that ridiculous of a setting to have tanks that can be put soundly into a category like that.

The utility of Malcador tanks in the fluff as they were used on Vraks and ruls on the tabletop is as semi-mobile bunkers. With the 6th and 7th editions, maybe they can now. Equipped with a fearsome array of weapons of its own, the Dracosan could steadfastly defend itself against enemy counter-attack and pound enemy positions to dust before the auxiliaries disembarked to storm what remained of their objective.

I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. A heavily armed and armored carrier, the Dracosan was large enough to accommodate a fully strength Solar Auxilia Infantry Tercio of twenty auxiliaries, and heavily armored enough to protect them from all but the most intense of enemy fire. Back to top 3 Ishagu Posted 04 October – Your sponson weapons can be swapped for one of: Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

In this role, the Defender’s Demolisher Cannon can be used against well-fortified positions and enemy strong-points, while its multiple Heavy Bolters can sweep areas for hidden infantry and defend the tank from a close assault. With supreme luck you can even pen a Land Raider. Many armory worlds still have large stocks of Malcador tanks on hand in case they are needed for an urgent engagement, and they are still used by second-line forces such as garrison regiments and Planetary Defence Forces.


That and the fact that it can deliver what amounts to a shot from a twin-linked basilisk point-blank. First off, these guys are fast. The massive gout of flames launched from the Inferno Gun is also effective at clearing mines, the sudden heat detonating mine fuses and making large areas safe much quicker than alternative methods.

There’s actually another 2 variants but it’s not really ru,es the same league. Additionally as a light super heavy they allow to use superheroes rules without your opponent wanting to strangle you for bringing a baneblade to a friendly game. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Additionally, the Malcador Annihilator also suffers the same fate as almost every other Malcador variant. Not that the Imperium cares about tank crews’ health. Its sponson weapons angles are dreadful, its main gun has limited traverse, it actually has worse armour values than the Leman Russ as said beforeits overpriced for what it brings, and it has the chance to immobilize itself whenever it moves, which if nothing else is crunch inferhus pretty accurately matches the fluff.

Like the Macharius Heavy Tankit resembles an oversized Leman Russ Battle Tankbut while the Macharius resembles a Russ malfador has been cut and extended in the middle, the Malcador looks like someone at Forge World made a Russ out of silly putty and stretched it. Unfortunately, its drive was always temperamental at best, and between the rlues of knowledge that occurred during the Horus Heresy and ten thousand years of repair and attempted retrofitting, the Malcador of malcwdor 41st Millennium is no faster than any other tank and prone to engine malfunction, represented in-game as a fifty-fifty chance of being completely immobilized rather than slowed down by engine damage.

The only advantages that this tank has are that its rear armor is slightly better and that it can soak a few more hits since it’s a heavy tank. Recognizing that the mostly-fixed-forward turret was a problem, the Adeptus Mechanicus thought up the Malcador Defender.

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Quick Malcador Infernus question – + HORUS HERESY RULES + – The Bolter and Chainsword

Malcador Infernus and Salamanders All discussions for Warhammer 30k i. Roll them into your fortified gun line, let their forward mounted weapon savage the enemy, and with Lady Luck and Admiral Awesome on your side, your Malcadors and any supporting forces will peel back to another fortified position before the enemy can dish out too much retaliation. The Malcador Annihilator was originally conceived as a field modification carried out on nalcador or unfinished production hulls intended to “up-gun” the tank’s weaponry and extend its battlefield utility.

Search anything and hit enter. I’d leave the auxiliary drive and weapon at home but armoured ceramite is a good investment on this beast to up its survivability.

MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

As you already know, the Malcador’s main engine plant, a thermic combustor design that is a variant for military inefrnus of a common pattern used in industrial and agricultural machinery across the human-settled galaxy, is underpowered in relation to the Malcador’s sheer size and mass. Multi-lasers, heavy flamers and lascannons. But that would be tech-heresy.

Rules wise though, isn’t the Infernus just a giant Hellhound? Rob Hill 15 June at Astra Militarum drops June 23! This sometimes bites the Imperium in the rear; during the Siege of VraksMalcadors were withdrawn from storage and pressed into battle by the traitor forces. While not yet in common use at that timeImperial logisticians had projected that its services were likely to be required in ever greater numbers Oh how they are wrong given the circumstance of the 41st Millenniumespecially where Loyalist Solar Auxilia were called upon to fight the Traitor Legiones Astartes and the heavy armored vehicles they had ready access to.

Guard standard BS but that really isn’t an rukes on this beast.