Sleeping With The Wolf After The Crash 1. FREE at Amazon! Alpha wolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. Losing her is unacceptable. He wins the Bride Fight. Sleeping With the Wolf – After the Crash #1. Maddy Barone. Publisher: Maddy Barone. 0; 3; 0. Summary. When a plane takes off from Minneapolis Minnesota in . Read “Sleeping With the Wolf After the Crash, #1” by Maddy Barone with Rakuten Kobo. When a plane takes off from Minneapolis Minnesota in.

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No electricity, no cars, no shopping centers. I wish I could find a guy like Taye Wolfe. Alpha wolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. ,addy, the valet attendant is called to serve her needs, but things go farther than she expected when she double-books the two men.

He will have to wait a while yet. Bri rated it it was amazing May 25, The characters were well written and the s,eeping was good. Genevie Acebedo rated it it was amazing Mar 07, I have so many stories rattling around in my head trying to take over my life that half the time I sound like a masdy when Tge chatting with friends.

Anything out of this world is welcome around here! Carla’s a fighter and definitely not going to accept anything without a reasonable explanation. This book is a lot of fun to read. I enjoyed getting to know the main characters, Carla and Taye, and other support characters who we will see in the other books in this series.

I was really surprised by this story and look forward to reading the next one in the series.

Sleeping With the Wolf – After the Crash #1

I liked both Carla and Taye and the story was interesting with good potential for the series. Tthe likely that no woman would take it very well, especially since she then was fearful that Taye would rape her as part of their wedding night.


Fiber arts are a form of therapy for me, and while I’m spinning or I love to write romance stories. He’s ready to defend and protect anything and anyone under his charge including his newly acquired mate, Carla.

Sleeping with the Wolf Audiobook | Maddy Barone |

So come and join us! What is left is the remains of a civilization after a nuclear war.

There isn’t one yet. When it crashes in an unfamiliar post-apocalyptic future, she finds herself offered as prize in a Bride Fight. TayeCarla Sleeping with the Wolf. But I finished, so hooray for me. How can she resist a smexy Alpha wolf who is set to love and seduce his mate! Eddie’s Prize After the Crash, 4 3. Maddy Barone I think the best thing you can do is to have a web presence. Because after all, she’s Carla, the Self-Entitled One. The attraction with Taye is immediate, and she does put up a good fight.

There is an attraction on both sides but Carla is not open to it and tries to keep it shut down. How to write a great review. Boring and childish Any additional comments?

Sleeping With the Wolf – After the Crash #1 – Read book online for free

So I can not complain that it is not unique and original I like the character Carla is very independent and even if she thinks that everything around her is crazy, so c 3. There were so many questions in my mind about what happened and how it came to be, that I immediately dived into book 2, Wolf’s Glory to find out more. No one ever thinks getting on a plane or any ot Yadkny’s Review A world torn apart by the destruction of terrorist nuclear weapons destroying most major U. LOL I agree that Latinas and other women of color aren’t as well represented in romance as they should be.


Why participate in survival?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I wish I could find a guy like Taye Wolfe. If we were under the assumption that they had been there before this world went to hell, and came out of the shadows because there was no real reason to hide, yes i would have liked that better, believed it more as well. There was an immaturity to the writing style, some holes in the plot line and the author hasn’t developed a very strong voice, but the premise and story were good, and the story itself was entertaining.

Well as soon as someone mentioned a goth girl with pink hair being mated with a mountain of a man, i was like hmmm Taye manages to get Carla to believe that he wont hurt her or rape her promising to wait until she wants him in return but she doesn’t want his touch or to accept him as her mate.

He wins the Bride Fight. She must, absolutely must, impose her 20th century values and mores on these people. It’s winter 6 mouths out of the year and whe Could have been better.

This book was sweet, sexy and simply lovely. A world torn apart by the destruction of terrorist nuclear weapons destroying most major U. Sherry’s Wolf After the Crash 3. Wolves of the Rising Sun Volume1.

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