Rokugan, Creatures of Rokugan, Kami of Rokugan, and Way of the Samurai, and the Five Rings and Rokugan logos; any elements of the Legend of the Five. Way of the Samurai is a dual-system supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game, Second Edition, and Rokugan, the d20 Companion for. Way of the Samurai (Legend of the Five Rings: Oriental Adventures). Home ยท Way of L5R The Roleplaying Game 3ed (Legend of the Five Rings). Read more.

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Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. It is intelligent and strong.

Those who stray from this path will perish. Each dojo also grants a social benefit and a training benefit unique to the dojo in addition to the social and training benefits described above. A samurai who openly insults others is showing his own weakness, which is why Rokugani courtiers endlessly practice the art of the subtle and indirect insult. The second sword is sideways across the chest to intercept the enemy’s cut, then swing about, using the speed of his cut.

When it is time to draw the sword, your mind should be on nothing else. That price is somewhat high for the page count. Kijome asked how that was the case if he still won. At the point of becoming mushin, a samurai is in touch with all the elements and the cosmic order.

A man can fool you with one, but if your mind is broad, he cannot fool you with all of them. A samurai who violates loyalty to his lord or clan is violating Duty, and such untrustworthy individuals are hardly worthy of the title “samurai.

Seppuku is usually not something a samurai can do at will. All men who call themselves samurai are measured by it. It is this form of Compassion which is most widely respected and revered in Rokugan, for even clans like the Lion and Scorpion recognize the importance of keeping their peasants alive and productive. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Practice showing something different than your intentions.


There is sqmurai right and wrong. This Dragon Clan related article is a stub.

Indeed, entire samurai families have been samuri to commit suicide under such circumstances. However, some of the more pragmatic warrior families, such as the Hida and Moto, regard overt displays of Sincerity with suspicion, seeing them as little more than deception dressed up as honorable behavior.

Given the chance, they will bind their ankles together before performing this act, so as not to shame themselves with wild kicking during their death throes. Reset Fields Log in. He encouraged the Dragon to copy and distribute the book around the nascent Empire. Show him weakness and he will charge, and that is when you have him.

Way of the Samurai also brings ssamurai paths” and kata introduced in Time of the Void, making non-linear samurai advancement available in the d20 System. It teaches you to see what you are not meant to see. This is the Way. For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition.

Way of the Samurai (Legend of the Five Rings: Oriental Adventures)

The original text was written without sections by Hojatsu, but his son-in-law Mirumoto Kijome divided the text into sections and named them. It is living life completely, samuraii, wonderfully. A samurai who is committing seppuku in a formal setting dresses entirely in white the color of deathand traditionally writes a final poem, a death-haiku, before taking up his wakizashi to commit suicide.

The true nature of Bushido is constantly debated within the courts of Rokugan, and the true way to uphold its Virtues is seldom fully agreed upon even within the same clan. I am less certain whether on not I like the idea of Katas.

Rokugani as a whole make a point of ignoring those who engage in uncouth and improper spectacles, since to draw attention to such discourteous behavior is to make matters even worse. If excessively worn, they will awy marked as “card worn. A perceptive samurai could then gauge which school the opponent had trained with by observing the other’s stance.

In modern Rokugan, Bushido is integral to almost every aspect of a samurai’s life, and the proper way to uphold the Code is subject of continual discussion and debate among all samurai. Every clan, even the Scorpion, has its idealists who try to uphold ever Virtue no matter the cost, just as every clan, even the Lion, contains a few dark souls who laugh at Bushido and flout its principles.


Very well used, but complete and useable. Watch all of these. Do not be deceived by the surface. In the d20 system, they are merely short 5-level prestige classes with many requirements in terms of clan technique feats. szmurai

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. A samurai who is shamed by dishonorable actions or loss of face will be expected, at the very least, to offer deep and sincere apologies for such actions. A samurai without Honor cannot truly follow the other virtues of Bushido, for he is merely acting as others expect, not as his own sense of honor demands.

Only the Scorpion reject it, as they reject most aspects of Bushido – indeed, from the Scorpion perspective Honor is samurqi most troubling virtue of all, because it can justify disloyalty. Practice as often as you can.

Niten | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Indeed, the Crab would be the first to point out that there are many times when retreating from a fight requires more courage than merely staying and dying. New Paths are introduced that allow the character to combine training into a unique fighting style. Niten Niten was an essay on the way of two swords written by Mirumoto Hojatsubased on the teachings of his adoptive father Thw and his own skills.

Rather, they have prerequisites similar to feats, but is paid for directly by experience points. The rest of the book is divided into 11 chapters, each describing dojo of various clans.