“Caliph Harun al-Hakim has long cast an envious eye on our holdings outside of Rokugan, and when word of our renewed war with the Lion. So I was talking with a team member today and he brought up that LBS is likely under the IP for L5R so can i get confirmation this is true as well. Legend of the Burning Sands RPG has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. To the north of the Empire of Rokugan, lies a mysterious land called the.

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Contents [ show ]. Me also sad that Yodotai not used to full potential.

Man Solo marked it as to-read May 03, How have they affected the L5R world thus far? There have been one or two gaijin who came down from the sands, but they were few and far between.

Legend of the Burning Sands RPG (L5R) by Dan Comrie

They had evolved their own culture, similar to that of Mongolian raiders. Oh yes Yodotai actually had a stronghold believe it or not: The Yodotai had been busy digesting their conquest of the Senpet, but they were fascinated by Medinaat Al-Salaam.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. However, the astute L5R players can go back as far as year, year and half perhaps, in the L5R story and flavor and find references to who it may be. More secrets will be revealed in those pages, just as more questions will be raised. Open Preview See a Problem? The Senpet was absorbed by the Yodotai Empire, but about half of its most elite forces went into hiding and led a guerrilla war against the Yodotai.


Legend of the Burning Sands Roleplaying Game

Medinat al-Salaam was a centre of intrigue and warfare, and a cultural crossroads. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In the Medinaat Al-Salaam, surviving Senpet leaders such as Kessethplotted against the invaders, hiding within the local Senpet population, a mixed of refugees, Yodotai collaborators and families settled from the time of Caliph Hanan. Dowie rated it really liked it Dec 05, Exclusive Interview Angelo M. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

But as the long exile of the Unicorn and the shorter exile of the Scorpion have proven, the dest To the north of the Empire l5e Rokugan, lies a mysterious land called the Burning Sands, where great empires clash, where deadly intrigues abound in the great Jewel of the Desert, and where intrigue and war are one in the same.

There would of course be an honor loss associated with bringing him into play, as associating with one of these foreigners would be looked down upon. They may very well simply be a catalyst for it, which would not put them actively in the game. FoM would have been perfext as they no real holdings. What sort of events will you plan vurning LBS coming back?

Inthe game system was revised and implemented in the game “Romance of the Nine Empires” which was inspired by the movie “The Gamers: Focus on gaijin elements should absolutely not be central to game. Unfortunately many of the heroes of LBS died in The Awakening, and those who are still alive, such as Adnan and the Monkey Man who did cross over to L5R recently, the first bearer of dire omens are very very old.

Legend of the Burning Sands

Want to Read saving…. John DiPietro rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Is the meta game going to take a swing in any one direction when LBS comes back? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


L5R is famous for its support of the many clans eands in the game.

Thom marked it as to-read Dec burninf, The Jackals we’ve already seen would have power over the dead, etc. The Rolling Thunder distribution mechanism proved to be unpopularhowever, so the bunring was put on hiatus.

The sands of the region still surged with residual energies that originated on that day. Douglas Sun Goodreads Author. But again, this is all speculation. Originally the Moto did not exist in L5R. Was wondering the same thing Shawn Carman Goodreads Author. Much like Legend of the Five RingsLBS included many factions, especially towards the end of the game, where 12 different groups existed: One only gets 0 Starting Honor so after only 10 Yodotai cards, one will die by dishonor.

The Senpet army was remarkably well-trained, and utilized powerful War Chariots. This group of criminals, necromancers, and other miscreants ran the underworld of the Saands Sands. Her will was enforced by heartless sorcerers called the Khadi. A project was later started to photo document all known cards in the hopes of building standard rules for proxying cards to be able to play. The game had a natural timer in the amount of water available on the table.

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