Katagiri Roshi, teacher of Steve Hagen and Norm Randolph, was the founding teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and Hokyoji Zen Practice. On a Thursday night I flew into Minneapolis and saw Katagiri Roshi’s body laid out in the zendo, dead eighteen hours from a cancer he fought. The reason I know Katagiri Roshi had an affair with an extended sangha member (mentally ill) was that he confessed it to me when the woman.

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And didn’t Tony Johansen? Learn more at Author Central. Another family was there and they had two children. So if she sent some sympathy, katagir the envelope has address. What the town’s name?

My hope is that ordained and lay teachers would be sufficiently self disciplined to dispense with their requisition, and sufficiently skillful to act compassionately to intervene when students or they themselves become entangled by the passions. Noiri Roshi is his disciple. While Suzuki Roshi was still alive. rosh


That’s why I want to go to Minnesota. Did Katagiri Roshi have the same problem in Minnesota? What did you do in San Francisco when you moved there?

Interview with Tomoe Katagiri

Previous From Enthusiasm to Burnout and Back. There is a difference in power between a person in a ministerial role and a member of his kattagiri her congregation or a counselee.

My English teacher was also Noiri Roshi’s lay disciple. So a little different. Nyo like nyorai, ho like dharma, ei is clothes.

Because Dogen Zenji really encouraged people to wear the nyoho okesa. When Hoitsu-san speaks English like in a ceremony at Zen Center, he sounds exactly and looks like his father.

Our Teacher & Zen Lineage

When you first moved to San Francisco, where did you move to? Upstairs was Dwight Brown, Ed Brown’s brother. He wanted to leave Zen Center and have his own group. You may attend all or any part of the morning.

Dainin Katagiri

So, not long before Suzuki’s death, he did open a zendo in his home in Monterey, California. Weekly meditation and Dharma lectures with Rev. Man o man… sortof feels like a Greek tragedy now.


rkshi He didn’t have time to go to English school. We were going someplace in the evening. Soto priest and former student of Katagiri-Roshi, Zuiko Redding, has stated, “My basic memory of Katagiri is of how he paid total attention to what was in front of him.

He didn’t like to eat fish.

The first time I went to Sokoji morning zazen, at that time my husband had just opened the door quietly, and sit on an empty seat. Only 9 left in stock more on the way. We called her Tomoe-san and she was always helpful and cheerful.

I never completely broke with Katagiri, and my husband and I remain to this day his students. Did he ignore you? And always you have that kind of relationship. Do you have questions?