The Diary of Kakasaheb Dixit. kakasaheb dixit. Thumbnails Document Outline. Find: Previous. Next. Highlight all. Match case. Presentation Mode Open Print. Chapter 1 – Kakasaheb Dixit DiaryThe present work has taken shape by translating and scripting Telugu audio of Kakasaheb Dixit Diary into E. Hari Sitaram Dixit alias Kakasaheb Dixit was one of the Ankita child of Sai Baba. He was a perfect devotee of Sai Baba. The less written it is.

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She had decided to offer eight annas as dakshina to Lord Sai Baba. Kakasaheb was pleased to hear all this, and said to Nanasaheb that he would go to Baba, see Him and pray to Him to cure not diarry much his lame leg, but bring round his lame, fickle mind and give him eternal Bliss.

Now I am on my perseverance to increase that Faith onto you Baba and my husband.

|| Om Shree Sainathaya Namah ||: Chapter 6 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

Astrology – Hanuman Chalisa for Debt Relief. Felt very happy reading these. Anu July 3, at 8: You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient; You inspired in me the light of spiritual power.

Dixit was blindly obeying Baba and had firm faith in him. My mortal remains kakazaheb speak from my tomb. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Very small happiness make me happy so i dont search for big ones, want to be myself in my own world of thoughts, introvert, very positive, creative, calm, like to play pranks with my closed ones only, like to be at home with diayr family. Baba used to call him ‘Kaka’. Kakasaheb Dixit was a well-known solicitor with a highly lucrative practice of Bombay and was active in the Indian National Congress.

KakaSaheb Dixit’s diary on Shirdi Sai Baba

Thank you so much. Kakasaheb died on July 5thin the remembrance of his guru talking to Hemadpant about Saibaba. Shirdi Sai Baba’s Assurances.

dixkt Shirdi Sai Names – 2 of Procedure and Story of Sai Vrat in Telugu. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. My wish is that from Baba to give me blessings like in a way that I Baba’s servant fulfill Baba’s all orders which gives by Baba for me. He was ‘simply God, whether in the flesh or out of it, i.

Chapter 1 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

An attempt is made to translate the Dixit Diary from Marathi to English. So he wanted to build a Wada for his own use as well as the use of other devotees.

I fall short of words to ask you what I want, but as Sai Satcharita says you give even tht good thing which we even dint ask you for. I am indebted to all who made baba known to me. Om sai sri sai jai jai sai.


When I dont believe myself what will I believe someother and him. Sairam ki jai, Sainath ki Jai.

Saipatham Downloads | Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

The work was pushed through and completed in five months i. Shirdi Weather See Day Forecast. For long I have wanted to learn more about our Lord’s closest devotees but not disit Marathi or Telugu was unable to read them I jumped for sheer joy when I saw Sri Dixit’s diary.

Do let me know if you need any help from my side. You Might Also Like.

Anonymous July 7, at 8: The less written it is better about Dixry. Hetalji, Thank you for this transalation and to all who have helped you in making this successful.

Once Baba told Kakasaheb, ‘If you talk ill or find fault with any one, that moment immediatelyI feel that pain’.