hematologis ikan lele dumbo sehat dalam Jurnal Penelitian. Perikanan Indonesia Volume 7 Nomor 3 (Bastiawan, dkk.,. ). Pengamatan dan identifikasi. Praktikum Mikroteknik Hewan dan Tumbuhan. Surakarta: Jurusan Biologi FMIPA UNS. Pai, A.C. Dasar-dasar Genetika. edisi kedua. Medical Laboratory Technology Journal.

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Review of the Nassarius pauperus Gould, complex Nassariidae – Mikrofeknik 3, reinstatement of the genus Reticunassa, with the description of six new species. How to cite item. Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of Medical Laboratory Technology Journal should obey the writing guidelines. A new species of the genus Rhaphidophora from Seram island Moluccas, Indonesia with notes on the geographic distribution of the subfamily Rhaphidophorinae Orthoptera, Rhaphidphoridae.

Based on a work at http: Dalam beberapa publikasi terdapat penemuan genus baru dan sub-spesies baru. Descriptions of two new mijroteknik and one new subspecies from the Exocelina okbapensis-group, and notes on the E.

A new species of Halmaheramys Rodentia: Penn State Cooperative Extension. Based on Anatomical and Morphological Characters. Results showed that there were 37 anatomical and morphological characters that play a jurnnal in the characterization of nine cultivars 25 synthetic characters and 12 diagnostics characters where the shape of the fruit and type of attachment of the flowers were the main characters distinguishing among the nine cultivars studied.

Jurnal Peternakan Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Animal Science)

Crop Production Science in Holticulture. The gastrointestinal nematodes of Paramelomys lorentzii and Mammelomys spp.

Rodentia- Muridae with descriptions of a new genus and three new species Heligmonellidae from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. This Journal particularly focuses on the main problems in the development of the sciences of medical laboratory areas.


A new species of Wolf Snake of the genus Lycodon H. Eumeninae with description of a new species. Descriptions of six new species with Ophthalmomorda gen. Value of morphological characters for cultivar identification in strawberry Fragaria ananassa: Keywords Candida spp Diabetes mellitus Jeruk Sunkist Staphylococcus aureus anemia antijamur Candida albicans flokulan gamma-siklodekstrin glucose level kadar glukosa kosmetik logam timbal Pb dalam darah masker pemutih wajah merkuri metode enzimatik pediculosis capitis penjual kelepon personal hygiene serum jurna, suhu awal reagen tangkai daun jarak pagar tuberculosis paru.

Schismatogobius Gobiidae from Indonesia, with description of four new species. Partial revision of the Indo-Australian braconine wasp genus Gammabracon Quicke Hymenoptera- Braconidae with descriptions of new species from Indonesia Mollucas. Notes on the genus Epsilon de Saussure, Hymenoptera: Digital Commons University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Petunjuk Praktikum Mikroteknik Tumbuhan. A review of Bellardiella Tapparone-Canefri,with descriptions of a new subgenus and two new species Gastropoda-Cyclophoroidea-Pupinidae.

Critical Journal Review – Mikroteknik

A new species of the gobiid fish g enus Pseudogobiopsis Teleostei, Gobiidae, Gobionellinae from Indonesia. Email the author Login required.

John Wiley and sons. Themes by Mason Publishing. Two new species of the genus Sinotilla Lelej, Hymenoptera- Mutillidaewith notes on taxonomic characters. The genus Dioscore Warren, Two new species and analysis of characters spread Lepidoptera- Geometridae- Geometrinae.

Eight new species of the genus Promalactis Lepidoptera- Oecophoridae from Indonesia, with a checklist of the genus. Jrnal notes on somaclonal variation of strawberry. Review of the genus Banjos Perciformes- Banjosidae with descriptions of two new species and a new subspecies. Odonata- Platycnemididae from Timor, with a key to the Sundaic species. Email this article Login required. Morphological evaluation of strawberry cultivars- and consequences for the use of descriptors.


Review of the oriental genus Protolepta Melichar, with description of the second species from Sulawesi, Indonesia Hemiptera: A new genus and species of the family Symphysanodontidae, Cymatognathus aureolateralis Actinopterygii- Perciformes from Indonesia. Eviota pictifacies, jutnal new dwarfgoby from Sumbawa, Indonesia Teleostei- Gobiidae.

The earthworm genus Polypheretima Michaelsen, Annelida- Clitellata- Megascolecidae from Sulawesi, Indonesia, with descriptions of four new species. Studies on Oberonia 2 Orchidaceae: Abstract Strawberry cultivation in Indonesia is centred at Citrus and Subtropical Mlkroteknik Research Institute, which collects different cultivars of Fragaria spp. Four new species and a new record of Anchocerus from the Oriental region Coleoptera: A new species of the fangblenny Adelotremus from Indonesia, with supplemental description of A.

Information mkroteknik classification based on phenotypic characters of Fragaria spp. Dendrobium tinukariensis, a new species of section Calyptrochilus from the Mekongga Mountains, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Review of the genus Sanganus Distant, including the description of a new species, S.

Inilah Daftar Jurnal Spesies Baru di Indonesia Tahun 2017

Spesies baru tersebut meliputi tumbuhan, porifera, nematoda, serangga, moluska, ikan, amfibi, reptil, dan mamalia. A new species of Hastula Gastropoda- Terebridae from Indonesia. Synodus nigrotaeniatus, a new species of lizardfish Aulopiformes- Synodontidae from Indonesia. Poa opinata gramineaea new species from G.