Magic Unchained [Jessica Andersen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cara Liu is determined to unite the forces under her leadership but when Nightkeeper Sven enters the scene, Cara has trouble separating her duty to her people. Jessica Andersen is an American writer of mystery and medicine since She has a PhD in Storm Kissed, June 7. Magic Unchained, April 8.

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Sven and Cara have been favorite characters of mine since book one and Jessic glad to see they both finally accepted the inevitability of their relationship. Another huge success and a must-read. I am really looking forward to a story just about Rabbit and seeing his happily ever after.

I would read a bit then think about it, then read some more.

He is so determined to prove to them all that he has self worth. Yule Tidings — Great Reads for December! But the romance between Cara and Sven was wonderful, and frustrating at the same time.

Magic Unchained (The Nightkeepers, #7) by Jessica Andersen

Now I know who Anna’s going to end up with. And when asked to lead the Winikin she came back to do so. As Andersen usually does, she makes it work, and andesren does she. She obtained a PhD in Genetics, but when she finally settles on a single jessida, she will have been many things: Here’s the why’s unchxined spoilers: When they no longer ca I love Cara Liu as a woman.

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The only thing consistent about him is the fact that once he acts, it will probably be the wrong act. So looking Yes finally Jessica Anderson is back on track!!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing. Lists with This Book. The heat between the characters-once they stopped hiding- was intense and hit flash point quickly. I will miss them all. They seemed to have a love hate relationship through the previous books,so glad to get more insight on why. Cara knew it was lost cause, as he did not feel the same magicc her, and he was never there for her.

Jessica Andersen

But if you ask her who she is, Jessica will say, “I’m a writer. A very nice touch. This child needed love. Sven has never been my favorite character because he always seems the most selfish. Grrrr I seriously hate Red Boar and what that horrid, horrid man did to his son while raising him.

This was book seven in the Nightkeepers series. Apr 16, Nicole Luiken rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 10, Teshai rated it really liked it. Anna receives a vision, being that she was never completely trained she has to work hard on just deciphering it.


Maybe I was just hoping all aalong for Anna to have her own book but she really does need more attentioon than she has received.

And with this review written, nothing is uncained me. Other books in the series.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If the Nightkeepers loose you will regret not having taken the time to get these books read yep, that is what you are going to worry about.

Amdersen knew very early into the series that I would like the book about Sven The Coyote and Cara well because how cool a name is that: One of the things about this series, is the depth of feelings and the intensity in which it was written. Nevertheless, she and Sven give in to temptation and begin a secret affair—distracting them from a danger within their own ranks planning a vicious betrayal…