public class JasperPrint extends implements izable , JRPropertiesHolder, JRChangeEventsSupport. An instance of this class. This page provides Java code examples for JasperPrint. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. Howdy, Hi I am working with reports with jasper i report tool.. now as i am using webservice from handler i call business unit and successfully.

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Does JRXlsExporter have any method that actually sends an email? Returns the parent properties holder, whose properties are used as defaults for this object. Cris, I think the OP was trying to avoid creating a file to send.

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The problem is that i need to create a java. Jasperrint particularly at javax. Contains classes for loading report templates from XML files. Description copied from interface: You can generate the report as PDF or other format and send it as a file with Jasper. JRPropertiesHolder Returns the parent properties holder, whose properties are used as defaults for this object.

Sets the the ID of the default java.

I can’t save the stream on the machine japerprint delete it later Exports the generated report object received as parameter into PDF format and returns the binary content as a byte array. Returns the page format for specified page index. Exports the generated report file specified by the first parameter into PDF format, the result being placed in the second file parameter.


Igor 2 12 Email Required, but never shown. Registers a virtualization context for JasperPrint object. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Applies generic element transformers of a specific key to a filled report by replacing generic elements with the transformed elements.

String getFormatFactoryClass Returns the name of the class implementing the FormatFactory interface to use with this document. File from this JasperPrint without saving the file on the computer. PrintParts getParts Jasperprinnt a list of all parts in the filled report. Exports the generated report object supplied as parameter into XML format and returs the result as String.

Exports the generated report object supplied as the first parameter into XML format, and writes the result to the output stream specified by the second parameter. Loads a JasperPrint object from a stream, optionally using a virtualizer for the object. Returns the code of the default java.

JROrigin [] getOrigins Gets an array of report origins. Exports the generated report object received as parameter into XML format, placing the result into the second file parameter.

java – Converting JasperPrint to a File – Stack Overflow

What do i need to do is: Sign up using Email and Password. JRPropertiesHolder Checks whether the object has any properties. JasperPrint All Implemented Interfaces: Cris 3, 3 32 When we want to virtualize pages, we want a style provider that is not the print object itself. I have an object JasperPrint where i generate the document I don’t think it matters, though. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge t you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Igor, Thor is showing the way with the ByteArray stuff, which jasperprijt the way can if I recall correctly take piped stuff from the pdf converter. Sets the the code of the default java. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Returns the page height.

Returns the ID of the default java. Im trying to convert my outputstream into inputstream.

Contains classes for saving reports inside the Jasper viewer. Locale to be used for this object. You can write it to a OutputStream and then use this stream to create the e-mail attachement.

Fills the compiled report design supplied as the first parameter and returns the generated report object. Uses of Class net. Thor 4, 12 53 When you pass that outputstream and say exporterXLS to “exportReport” then this outputstream recieve the data from the report right?

Called when a previously generated page has been updated, usually by evaluating a delayed element.

Passing JasperPrint as ByteArrayOutputStream

Im with a different problem Teodor Danciu teodord users. JRPropertiesHolder Returns this object’s properties map. TimeZone to be used for this object. TimeZone to be used for the elements of this print object.