Ihtijaj (Argumentation) [Abu Mansur Ahmad Tabarsi, Saiyyed Amir Husayn Sarkishian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the introduction. Al–Ihtijaj by Allama Abu Mansur Ahmad Tibrisi Vol Uploaded by Syed Naqvi. Islamic Urdu Book. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download. Al-Tabarsi and the Distortion of the Qur’an. Al-Tabarsi mentions in his book al- Ihtijaj (vol. 1 pg. ) while discussing the argument of Amir al-Mu’minin `Ali radiya Llahu `anhu.

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Even a zionist can not do that. Not it was not.

For you to come and tell me not to play word games shows your lack of inexperience and ignorance. He says in the first volume pg. As this verse has an apparent meaning and an tabadsi meaning. Tabarsi, and yes I know that is different Tabarsi and not an author of Ihtijaj. Retrieved from ” http: Can we a little bit elaborate on underlined part. Under the chapter title: And indeed, there is among them a party who alter the Scripture with their tongues.

Allah said He would protect His book. Seems like you didn’t read my 4th post on this thread, where I quoted: But Allah had already decreed from before that He would establish proof upon His creation, as Allah says:. In works on Islam the uhtijaj ” hadith ” usually refers to the sayings or “traditions” which have been transmitted from the Prophet.

Don’t you agree that the absence of a word from the Quran could change the meaning of a verse? Secondly, no one has made any excuses for him. He is famous for some of his works.

Translator’s Introduction

One indication of its popularity is that, despite its enormous size, it was published twice in lithographed form in the nineteenth century. Go back to some of my post, to understand that you speaking with brother who is well aware about shia beliefs. Bihar al-anwar Oceans ihtijaaj Lights is a monumental encyclopedia of hadith s which attempts to collect all Shi’ite traditions in a single work and which classifies them by subject matter.

This is not a very txbarsi argument or even a proper comparison. Sign In Sign Up. Some of those who made this mistake are Amin al-Istarabadi and before him, the author of Mashayikh al-Shi’a and before him, Muhammad b. Question to all knowledgeable shia members of this forum.


And why if he was understood wrong, later if I am not mistaken he wrote book refuting people who refuted “Faslul khitab”. Mormons 1 2 3 By IslandsandmirrorsFriday at This was Imam Khomeini’s view regarding his books pretty extreme I would saybut nevertheless, other scholars may have the opinion that his other works and efforts are to be appreciated.

All he believed was that some verses are missing like if someone believed the Imams or the Prophet could forget at times. His other works and methodology have also been critiqued severely. What is a ruling of a man who rejects verse from Quran?

Say, With Allah is the far reaching i. In making the selections ‘Allamah Tabataba’i utilized four works: And yet he again honored, and respected scholar in shia world. We are not playing games in kinder garden here, where people can delude each other. Hz Umar acknowledged the verse of Stoning is missing and if he did not fear people, he would have added it in the Quran. Shaykh al-Saduq’s al-Khisal demonstrates the importance of numbers in the traditions.

It is an everlasting miracle of the Holy Prophet the like of which can not be produced by human mind. Let him reveal to the people of depth the high status and high rank which was experienced by this elite.

Nevertheless, the secondary aspects are clearly reflected in ‘Ali’s “Instructions to Malik al-Ashtar” and to a lesser degree in the prayers.

Al-Ihtijaj (Tabarsi) – WikiShia

Allah sent his last Messenger to show people to the end of the time His Right Path. The fundamental distinction to be made between Shi’ite and Sunni hadith s is that in Shi’ism the traditions are not limited to those of the Prophet, but include those of the Imams as well. Why can we see shias so frustrated when someone accuse ahlalbayt in deficiency, and we see you honoring and respecting people who accuse Quran in the same?

However, the great trust this author has, it planted in the souls of all authors the ability of relying on it, and quoting from it without verification and without researching the chains of its narrations.

Al-Ihtijaj (book)

This is the category which I mentioned its meaning is only known by the one whose mind is pure, whose understanding is profound, and whose skill of differentiation is correct. There are about 20 books by the title of “al-Ihtijaj” among Shi’a early sources, the earliest of which is “al-Ihtijaj” written by Muhammad b.


So if Tabarsi, like you said simply believed that some verses or even part of the verses been missing from Quran, this again would be called that he did believe in change, tampering, alteration of Quran. If you are taking his book and understanding something other than what he himself is claiming his belief to be, then you are simply not understanding his work or are on an agenda to misuse his words. Ayatullah Muhammad Husayn Najafi and Sayyid Fadhlullah had many theological views regarding the Imams that were not mainstream, but no one labelled them disbelievers and outside the fold of Islam don’t start quoting attacks that have been done on these scholars, we are not talking about attacks and critiques, your point here is about disbelief and being deemed outside of the folds of Islam.

The Translations A note needs to be added about the method of translation. Ayatullah Khomeini ra quoted from this person in his book, and not the first person as you alleged. Because no standard translations exist for many technical terms, I have felt it necessary to add the Arabic original in brackets for the benefit of scholars and Arabic speakers. So be patient, O Muhammadas were those of determination among the messengers.

To sit on your right and your left in separate groups? Correct me if I am wrong, but you argue tabardi Tabarsi simply believed that some parts of Quran are missing.

The sermons, sayings, prayers and writings translated here present a cross section of Shi’ite religious thought with an emphasis upon that which is most basic for the religion itself and most universal and hence understandable in the eyes of non-Muslims. And it is the one tabzrsi is in the hands of the people, and is not greater in extent than that.

But the problem for them is, manuscripts are still available.