provisioning and management of all HP EVA family of storage array products. You can . HP Thin Provisioning for EVA // arrays provides the. The EVA offers an easily deployed enterprise class virtual storage array .. see: Shutting down the storage system from HP Command View EVA. HP StorageWorks EVA QuickSpecs. For example, to find the QuickSpecs if you are in.

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They are located in the bottom and back of the cabinet, taking 1U of rack space. EVA configurations allow a hl range of configuration options, including flexible factory rackmounting options in either a standard 42U cabinet based on the HP G2 Series Rack or a choice of 42U extended and 36U and 22U heights.

Doing so could shorten the life of the drive. Review the Release Notes and Upgrading Product Software documentation and compatibility requirements of all installed Array Integrated Software completely before upgrading.

HP SIM runs on HP Windows, Linux, and HP-UX and provides discovery and identification, fault management, security administration, asset reporting, and centralized configuration management across heterogeneous servers, storage and infrastructure. Up to eight drive. So each controller has a redundant path to each drive.

Technical Specifications – Hp Quickspecs [Page 30]

Each controller has hot plug cache bp to maintain cache contents for up to 96 hours in case of a total power failure. Total Cost of Ownership unique virtual architecture allows up to twice the normal effective capacity utilization of traditionally The architected storage offerings.


Installed by HP manufacturing into EVA configurations by ordering the enclosure with the factory integration part number 0D1. For more information on the H Distance Gateway: Support PortalThe HP support portal provides one-stop access to the information, tools and services you need to manage the daily operations of your IT environment.

HP 4400 Quickspecs Page 11

A minimum of eight high performance Fibre Channel drives are required in a configuration using high performance drives. Optional virtual sparing can be configured so that a drive. The 47U rack is also supported, but not factory configured, because of the cabinet height, which creates shipping difficulties. Technical Phone Support 24×7 telephone technical support is available to assist with Hardware warranty related troubleshooting and issue resolution.

The EVA supports up to 96 disk drives. Hp storageworks g2 modular smart array reference guidemay pages.

The EVA file service offerings support both block and file data concurrently with high availability and scalable performance.

North America — Version 1 — February 26, For more information, go to: At the core of providing long distance data services is the ability to copy, move and replicate data locally and over long distances. In the new world of business technology, when your technology has to work for your business to work, who can you trust to make your technology ea

For more information, see Continuous Access description earlier in this document. The result is the ability to vastly increase scale yet reduce the complexity of shared storage while quickspeca the manageability of the system. The enclosure also has dual redundant hot plug power supplies and dual hot plug. HP Care Pack Services helps you proactively guard against unplanned downtime which can reduce your productivity and profitability.


HP Quickspecs (Page 11 of 31)

Typical is described as a system in normal steady state operation. Customer Quickspces Training Consider education as an integral part of your strategy to get the best return on investment for your HP storage solution. Business Copy EVA is sold by utilized capacity. For more information go to: Up to eight drive enclosures can be connected in a FC loop arrangement with a controller pair and connect to one port of up to 96 drives.

Each HSV controller has two Fibre Channel host ports four ports in a redundant pair of controllers assuring the availability of bandwidth quicksecs the most demanding applications.

HP recommends use of the same blade option type 1 GbE or 10 – 1GbE in a common chassis to ensure balanced performance in a redundant configuration. It provides broad operating system support with proven integration with major applications, such quickspevs Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and SAP.

This rack may be purchased along with EVA component pieces for assembly in the field. The EVA supports up to 96 hard disk drives. An EVA with multi-protocol support also provides network storage at reduced infrastructure costs. SSD are supported with Vraid 5 only. HP G2 Series Rack must be purchased.