HIMALAYAN. BLUNDER terlibas) Nam ngũ thit. AL. Thou. The angry truth about India’s nost crushing military disaster. Brig J.P. Dalvi. Foreword by Frank Moraes. Himalayan Blunder has ratings and 72 reviews. Anant said: Just finished Himalayan Blunders written by Brigadier John Dalvi. It was my first book on. This book was written by Brigadier John Parusharam Dalvi, the commander of the ill-fated 7th Indian Infantry Brigade, Indian Army. The motive.

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In the wake of our defeats many heads had to fall. Feb 05, Abhishek Rao rated it liked it.

Himalayan Blunder: J. P. Dalvi: : Books

Learn more about Amazon Prime. This book is on Indo- China war. I have tried to give an objective account of all that happened, of the people involved and of the decisions they took. Chou-en Lai visited India for talks with Mr.

Lentaigne, of course, was ignored, as were some others, by the all-seeing Pooh Bahs of New Dcllii. There are others, mostly barren politicians, who use the Nehru legend to buttress their failures, or in- veterate hero-worsbippers, who express irritation at any adverse reference to Mr. The aftermath of Partition was even worse, when we witnessed the wholesale murders of the Punjab and the reprisals in Bihar and elsewhere.

The book is well written and provides an indepth analysis of India’s Chinese Policies, its apathy towards its army and most importantly how Mr. We have not only been subjected to a Chinese invasion but have been saddled with a restive north-eastern border population.

It proved to be accurate, detailing the India-China war and also demonstrated the various obstacles that the army had to face, including difficulties relating to supplies, logistics, hierarchy and poor support from the then incumbent government. We were still wrangling about procedural matters, after one year of experience.

However, in this day and age of Google Maps, it was an adventure in itself to follow along the progress of the Brigadier and his troops as he describes his fateful journey from Dirang to Towang via the Sela Pass using Google Earth.


The war of Bangladesh under his command has become a case study in practically all military academies around the world. I knew with what energy and enthusiasm he started trying to repair the damage done to the Army, and I saw his confidence being gradually eroded because he could make little headway against an indifferent and often hostile and ignorant Ministry of Defence, under Mr.

As we shall sec later, it was an unwise act to set up a post Dholain May-Juncin the same area, without the military force to sustain our interpretation of the Line, by force if necessary.

Himalayan Blunder: The Angry Truth About India’s Most Crushing Military Disaster

Nehru, in defending his policies was compelled to make bombastic and reassuring statements, knowing fully well that he could not back his words with guns. He is deeply concerned that these mistakes, exposed and analysed, should not be repeated, for it is obvious that he realises the basic reason why history repeats itself.

The Chinese Government tried to recapture Tibet but were prevented from doing so by the British Govern- ment. We would also have probably been asked to nominate China as a potential adversary and thereby abandon, or partially modify, our non-aligned policy in world affairs, and our desire to befriend China.

blujder He correctly appreciated that the key to the defence of the Assam plains was around Bomdilla. Only victory in war would give Pakistan what she considered her dues and rights. As they saw it, they had to free themselves from the constant threat and intimidatory tactics of India. The McMahon Line cannot be defended by sitting on it. The Untold Story by Lt.

Partition left many problems in its wake, viz. He also accounted that People of India were so ignorant about the tragedy and till now no one is blamed for this grave defeat which costs us loosing some miles of land to Chinese. With a sure touch for survival at all costs, he sacrificed Mr.


The Indo-Chinese war saga is a shameful defeat of the entire country, not just the army.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Government orders were too vague for any real and effective war preparations. It was only after they left that we blknder the ill-fated Forward Policy and gave the Chinese an excuse for the clash ofand the subsequent lightning thrust to the plains. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The Army did not share the complacency’ of the country and were wary of the Chinese.

The final prod may well have been provided by the Karam Singh episode bluunder October There was a humalayan deal that should have been done but was not done.

If he sincerely believed in the existence of a real crisis why was he guilty of neglecting the defences of the nation?

The Indian military setback against the Chinese attack in was high time for an honest soul-searching. Then why did he not educate his Opposition colleagues?

There were plans to blow up jjp installations at Tezpur airfield and the famous Digboi oilfields of Assam. At about this time Mr. See all 4 reviews. I might say that according to us there is an international border. A Chinese Resident was to be re-established. Nehru won his Pyrrhic victory but lived to regret it.

This book was born in a Prisoner of War Camp on a cold, bleaks night of 21st November blunedr, when the Chinese Major in-charge woke him up in his solitary confinement, writes Brig.

Britain was then at the zenith of her world power and China was weak and dominated by various European Powers.