Gallium arsenide pieces, % trace metals basis; CAS Number: AsGa; find Sigma-Aldrich MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical. SAFETY DATA SHEET. GALLIUM ARSENIDE OPTICAL CRYSTAL. According to Regulation (EC) No/ (REACH). Revision MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. I. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION. Trade Name: Gallium Arsenide. Synonym: Gallium Monoarsenide. Formula: GaAs. CAS #.

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If swallowed Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse mouth with water.

China Catalog of Hazardous chemicals Listed. Wash hands before breaks and at the end of workday. Aug 12, Revision Date: The surface can be passivated by depositing a cubic gallium II sulfide layer using a tert-butyl gallium sulfide compound such as t BuGaS 7. Protect container against physical damage. Follow us on All times are GMT SiO 2 is not only a good insulator with a band gap of 8. P Obtain special instructions before use. For precautions see section 2.

Gallium arsenide – Wikipedia

These superior properties are compelling reasons to use GaAs circuitry in mobile phonessatellite communications, microwave point-to-point links and higher frequency radar systems. Storage P Store locked up. Skin protection Wear impervious clothing. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.


Containers can be triply rinsed or equivalent and offered for recycling or reconditioning. Gaass inhaled If breathed in, move person into fresh air. This allows extremely high performance and high electron mobility HEMT transistors and other quantum well devices. Dispose of contaminated gloves after use in accordance with applicable laws and good laboratory practices.


On a more practical level, it’s also very brittle. Combined with a high dielectric constantthis property makes GaAs a very good substrate for Integrated circuits and unlike Si provides natural isolation between devices and circuits.

Stability and reactivity To my thinking then, if you swallow some of gaaw dust it will be in contact with acid in you stomach and this would give off arsenic inside you Overall summary evaluation of yaas risk to humans is Group 1: Use proper glove removal technique without touching glove’s outer surface to avoid skin contact with gaas product.

Monitor for shock and treat if necessary Tighter electrical ranges are available on request. Some electronic properties of gallium arsenide are superior to those of silicon.


Ggaas cavity diode laser Volume Bragg grating laser. Retrieved from ” https: Do not discharge to sewer systems. The electronic properties of these defects interacting with others cause the Fermi level to be pinned to near the center of the bandgap, so that this GaAs crystal has very low concentration of electrons and holes.

The information in this document is based on the present state of our knowledge and is applicable to the product with regard to appropriate safety precautions. It is ,sds used in the manufacture of Gunn diodes for the generation of microwaves. Do not work with this stuff and don’t work at University of Houston. The time now is This method produces crystals with a much lower dislocation density than those produced by any other growth method.

Properties of Gallium Arsenide.

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) (cas ) msds download –

GaAs has been used to produce near-infrared laser diodes since GaAs – Gallium Arsenide Wafer Technology offers single crystal gallium arsenide grown at low pressure from high purity polycrystalline gallium arsenide in a vertical temperature gradient VGF-Vertical Gradient Freeeze. In the s, GaAs solar cells took over from silicon as the cell type most commonly used for photovoltaic arrays for satellite applications.


Packaging Polished Wafers Fluoroware type tray, individually sealed in two outer bags in inert atmosphere. For eye contamination, flush eyes immediately with water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Such a layer gzas relatively robust and easy to handle.

From Extraterrestrial to Terrestrial Applications”. Provide appropriate exhaust gaws at places where dust is formed. This is a result of higher carrier mobilities and lower resistive device parasitics. I love deadlines- I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. The material can be disposed of by removal to a licensed chemical destruction plant or by controlled incineration with flue gas scrubbing.

Monitor for pulmonary edema and treat if necessary As a wide direct band gap material with resulting resistance to radiation damage, GaAs is an excellent material for outer space electronics and optical windows in high power applications.

The measurement device contains a light source and a device for the spectral detection of the band gap. Safety glasses with side-shields conforming to EN Uses advised against no data available 1. Avoid formation of dust and aerosols.