Stöber, J. (). The Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale: More perfect with four (instead of six) dimensions. Personality and Individual Differences. Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (Hewitt, P.L., & Flett, G.L. (). Perfectionism and depression: A multidimensional analysis. Journal of Social Behavior. Abstract. Twenty-five years ago, one of the first empirically validated measures of perfectionism, the. Frost et al. Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (F-MPS).

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An unexpected result was the positive significant association between PS 4 and 6 factors and NA Table 3. To analyse the contribution of each item to the scale internal consistency, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for the total perfectioonism, excluding each item were calculated and compared with the total scale alpha.

Spearman’s correlation coefficients of each item ranged from. It is commonly viewed as a personality trait characterized by striving for flawlessness and by the setting of excessively high standards for performance which is accompanied by a tendency to be overly critical of one’s behavior 1. There was complete adherence. In which respects to the six factor solution, the inter-correlations between dimensions scores were moderate and ranged from.

Introduction Perfectionism has been a topic of increased interest in recent years.

This suggests this scale is a robust instrument to assess perfectionism, in several clinical and research settings as well as in transcultural studies. In respect to each dimension the explained variance was of: ,ultidimensional to cite this article.

Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale – Stöber (1998)

Literature findings have indicated that perfectionism may be characterized by positive and negative dimensions, differently linked to various adaptive and maladaptive processes and outcomes. The principal component analyses, using Monte Carlo PCA for parallel analyses confirmed the six factor solution. The Pearson correlation between the two MPS scales total scores was high.


Profile of mood states. The Kaiser-Meyer-Oklin value was of.

Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale: the portuguese version

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The PA revealed six components with eigenvalues exceeding the corresponding criterion for a randomly generated data matrix of the same size 35 variables x respondents.

However, excluding the solution founded by Khawaja and Armstrong 26 in an Australian sample, the factors order of appearance in all of these studies was different from the one we found. These experts also analyzed the linguistic and conceptual equivalence.

The great majority of the students muultidimensional single ; An investigation of the factor structure of the Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale on the basis of the Australian population.

The CM dimension reflects excessive concerns about failure and the fear of negative evaluation from others. The dimensions of perfectionism. The PS subscale reflects the setting of high standards, the striving to attain it and the contingent self-evaluation based on the achievement. In this study we used the shorter version composed by 36 items Bos et al. Multidimensilnal evaluation of the factor structure of the Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale.

To analyse the extent to which each item multidomensional a good construct measure, we performed correlations between each item and the total scale excluding the item. Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale: J Pers Soc Psychol.


Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale – Stöber () – Kent Academic Repository

The Profile of Mood States. The present study shows that FMPS possesses good psychometric properties in university students. World J Biol Psychiatry. When the exclusion of the item corresponded to a lower alpha than the one obtained for the total scale, we concluded that it contributed to the scale internal consistency. The research aims and its voluntary nature multidimenional explained to the students. The co-operation of the students is gratefully acknowledged.

The original version revealed good reliability alpha: A factorial analysis of the responses given by our sample revealed two factors: Research revealed that personal standards and organization are more adaptive, dimensions whereas concern over mistakes, doubts about actions, high parental expectations and parental criticism seem to be maladaptive 6. Conversely, PE was significantly and positively associated with PA.

A hierarquical structural analysis of perfectionism and its relation to other personality characteristics. Results revealed that 29 items contributed significantly for the scale’s internal consistency.

Accordance was achieved and the Portuguese version adjusted. The six factor solution. Perfectionism in the self and social contexts: Another limitation multiddimensional the reduced number of males implying this gender low representativeness. Pers Soc Psych Rev. The FMPS and other self-report questionnaires were administered to a community sample of 1 st year university students ,