Friday 12th of June Friedrich Jürgenson and his wife. Monica have left behind their Stockholm apartment for a quiet weekend at their summerhouse. Little does. Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson Foreword This book has changed my life. It marks a turning point. Today I know that it has. Book about Electronic Voice Phenomenon by Friedrich Jurgenson.

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It seems that in the case of Anastasia the tragic contradiction of her fate lay with her seemingly miraculous rescue, followed by endless chain of suffering for the rescued. I hung up the telephone and hurried concerned up the stairs back into the attic room.

The one and only thing that mattered, was the fact that I was entrusted with the great and difficult task to push ahead with the construction of this bridge. For him it became a question of clarity and self- knowledge, which is why friedric and self-deception had no chance.

It only depends on the wavelength.

Paranormally Curious: November

Following an inner friedrrich calmness, long sentences in English appeared in my conciousness. Being advised by one of the voices that he caught on tape he went on to record signals off of the radio.

It sounded as she worried that I could not hear her. The tapes with the recordings that I could reproduce any place and at any time were an undisputable convincing force that proved this was a live objective reality and not imagination on my part.

Despite all of these excellent aids, that tapes that date back to still show numerous defects but also some amusing points. The lady had directed my attention to a particular page, where among other statements, a message was given by one of deceased through a medium.

It was around I somehow resisted these intruding contacts that reawakened the memories of forgotten fairytale imaginings and various ghost stories. Bjorkhem and various other scientists. With that I had to be constantly on the watch over the cat in my cottage.

Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson

The famous Russian pianist Horovitz was presenting a Skriabin piano sonata, and Frifdrich asked my friends if the music disturbed them. Much that was previously taken as an article of faith became demystified so that one no longer knows what to hold on to anymore. There was no doubt for me that this was truly a sound phenomenon and not my imagination, because I could clearly recognize the sound and character of the same female voice, that had been heard on my tapes on many occasions.


I thought unintentionally of the words that I had recorded on tape in the winter: What I have reported here can be heard during the replay of the recording and understood sound for sound, word for word. No doubt he was incredibly good informed and must have been very close to the leading circles of the Third Reich.

It required my restless involvement, most of all a basic change in the habitual ways in which I perceived the world around me.

By the way, this buried city has exercised a magical attraction on me since my childhood, and has always been friedricu target of my longings. And now a dead person speaks on tape to his friend! He had emptied his lungs, standing there with pulled in diaphragm, and is smiling. I played the record on a portable turntable and recorded the music directly through the microphone.

Full text of “Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson”

Besides the tape voices there are other indications for an individual postmortem existence of the human personality. Some reporters, like famous TV-personality Arne Weisebrought his own, sealed tapes to record on.

For the most part the sentences repeated themselves and were spoken sometimes in German and sometimes in Swedish and they went something like: Hans Luksch in Vienna obtained successes in solving crimes by asking murder victims on tape about their murderers. But despite all that, life went on. It so happened that in this great joyful daze I had forgotten about the fate of Caryl Chesman, the American who was sentenced to dearth and whose execution was to be decided on during this period.

Art and Illusion for Sound”. On another evening I asked if my voice was heard steadily on the other side. Friedrich went to on author more books, and also to paint another Pope, and also make a documentary about him, which earned him the Order of Commendatore Gregorio Magno from the hand of Pope Paul VI.


It was very interesting and exciting to follow her expressions and her speaking, when she was shaping her words with tireless patience by using the available frequencies of my voice and other noises. If man ever loses this, mankind will lose a decisive part of being human. This, in combination with such things as cross modulation of radio stations or faulty ground loops can cause the impression of paranormal voices. And, likewise …I had never before been so touched and captured by any other urgencies than by these mystical connections, literally floating in the ether.

Electronic voice phenomenon

In the case friedroch these rather rare, but fully awake and conscious instances of my presence in the other world, I was able to make detailed notes, whose accuracy would be confirmed by tape recordings immediately upon my return. And yet, never before in my life had a subject grabbed and fascinated me as deeply, as these mystical contacts floating around the jkrgenson.

It was a Latin expression for a fearful Greek. One evening I was lying on the couch in my studio and tried to look at all the events in an objective way.

It may sound strange, but it seems to be that most of the dead in these lower astral regions are in a condition of deep sleep, especially those jurhenson have suffered a violent death. My first thought was that maybe some of the tubes had been damaged. You could hear me noisily hurrying out of the room, when the telephone rang for the second time, a few doors are being shut then there was silence in the room.

Retrieved 13 September Of course my friends helped as best they could using different methods. CHAPTER 20 The caverns of the underworld- awakening the dead -being awake is everything- the three paths to accessing the hereafter In the last few months I have received from my friends in the beyond frequent friedeich about conditions prevailing in certain regions of the spiritual world.