SB LOST VICTORIES Thrwirmoirci llillersitiiisiliriliiifiijiiiif ni 1 1 mill h It. II. \MM ‘”” 11,11 LOST VICTORIES BY FIELD-MARSHAL ERICH VON MANSTEIN Edited. Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a Lost Victories is the Erich von Manstein’s recollection of the operations and. Read the full-text online edition of Lost Victories ().

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He recounts the Crimea campaign in a single page chapter. Accounts of the trial, the case against Manstein, and his defense are readily available online.

It is always a very rewarding experience for any history enthusiastic to get a glimpse at the event through first hand account. I first read an edition of this when I was a teenager, in the late ‘s. Manstein provides an unvarnished picture of war and, engagement with the Russians on the eastern front.

At best, he tries to justify the brutality of treatment towards some people by saying the Soviet were equally brutal Manstein’s “Lost Victories” has value for the reader for at least two different reasons. Highly recommended victorkes anyone interested in understanding grand strategic thinking and how the German General Staff operated. One of the most revealing facts was that Hitler did not have an understanding of the doctrine and refused to allow the army to conduct strategic retreats to gain a military advantage by its mobility.

Unfortunately, it did not address the role of the paramilitary units that followed the army into conquered territories inflicting genocide on people. Verdun Press November 6, Mansteij Date: Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

The book begins with a very brief description of Manstein’s service prior to the s, having reached the rank of Captain by the end of World War I.

But he wanted Hitler and the OKW to give him the independence due an army group commander to figure out how to achieve objectives in his own way.

This would be like reading a biography of a Confed This was a really great book and I can’t ,anstein I haven’t read this up until now.

Erich von Manstein

Unlike the last set of books I just read written by David Glantz this book is very approachable for the person who has an interest in this area of history and wants a taste of what it was like from the viewpoint of a German general. Discussing the invasion of PolandManstein alleged Poland’s lack of military leadership: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Much talk about how the airlift to troops at Stalingrad failed, Manstein details how many pounds of cargo the German planes could carry. In November the Soviets launched a major offensive which cut off the entire 6th Army at Stalingrad, and destroyed two Rumanian armies. I am about half way through this book. There were a number of details in the book that I haven’t seen elsewhere and were very helpful After Manstein became an Army group commander, he had many meeting with Hitler, often the 2 of them alone.

Trivia About Lost Victories: An early English-language edition of Lost Victories. However, it goes into a lot of detail on who, why, what and where on too many events.

Discussing the abortive plan to invade Britain inManstein wrote: Knowing the context of the writing it still was a fascinating read about the largest conflict in human history told by a man who was in the middle of events both on the battlefield and behind the lines. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Showing great operational flexibility and creativity, Manstein dealt with these threats and then mansten efforts on Sevastopol, which fell to the Germans in July Great for those that victorie this sort of thing.

Erich von Manstein – Wikiquote

Return to Book Page. Could somebody combine this kindle book to the rest of the editions 3 Jan 31, This book is excellent if one likes personal memoirs. That is the only reason I don’t give five stars. Perhaps that is bias on my part. The lesson is, a dictator, will more voh to listen to whoever he considers royal to him always saying yesnot whoever has the best ideas, especially when the time it gets tough and he feel his authority is getting challenged.

Open Preview See a Problem? A few months before the invasion of Russia, he was given command of LVI Panzer Korps in the north, part of the drive to quickly seize Leningrad. The essential thing, as he wrote, is to “know how the main personalities thought and reacted to events.


The general falsely claimed that he wanted the 6th Army to be pulled out of Stalingrad after it was encircled, only to be overruled by Hitler, and attacked Hitler for launching Operation Citadel, a mahstein developed by Manstein himself for execution months earlier, before the buildup of Soviet defenses. I got a little bored. While there is certainly a great deal of truth in the idea that Hitler kept his generals compartmentalized there is also strong evidence that on the whole they know more than they cared to admit.

So, a interesting book, but also a hard one to deal with. His “Panzer drive” is described in a page chapter. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. He also spoke of the Italian artillery units, in the desert war. Also, as the Russians advanced erivh put all the people they “liberated” to work.

Instead from nebulous comments here and there one has the impression that Von Manstein found those actions distasteful somewhat like an aristocrat reacting to an unpleasant odor in a distracted manner but ultimately unworthy of his notice. Fascinating insight from a man lsot was there when it happened, that vicotries a lot of Manstein’s words involve plenty of blame shifting for Germany’s fortunes during the war – mistakes made by the OKW such as the infamous Halt Order at Dunkirk were often wrongly attributed to Hitler it was in fact Army Group A commander Gerd von Rundstedt who pushed for the halt, with Hitler merely validating the order many hours later.

If one wants a feeling for vixtories terrible the conflict in the Soviet Union was, books by lower ranking soldiers are more to the point. One must always read this sort of book with some cynicism, given the author’s very real motivation to make himself look clean of anything like war crimes. The things Manstein leaves bon of Lost Victories are as important as the things he discusses, and lead one to search out other sources to fill in the lacunae.