afwiki Endokriene stelsel; alswiki Hormonsystem; anwiki Sistema endocrino; arwiki Reizhiad enborc’hadel; bswiki Endokrini sistem; cawiki Sistema endocrí . Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are found in common household items and products and can mimic hormones in your body. Find out more about EDCs. Matching Columns Game Endokrini sistem. biology, endokrine zlezde, endokrini sistem. Sanja Parezanovic. Povezi pojmove.

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ENDOKRINI SISTEM by Arijana Tijanovic on Prezi

It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience. V Sloveniji endokrihi predvidom vsako leto rodijo 3 do 4 otroci s cisti?

Zakaj niso prepove da n i endokrini m o ti lci hormonov? It also aims to determine, which disruptors have an impact on the endocrine system.

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Zdravljenje poteka na Pediatri? The game ends when you get all 8 questions correct, or when you give up. Substances which are carcinogenic or toxic to reproduc ti on as we ll as endocrine di sru pto rs ca n only be approved if their use only leads to negligible exposure of humans or the environment the latter only for endocrine disruptors.

It happens, just reset it in a minute. Ugotovitve so pokazale, da se anketiranci zavedajo potencialnih nevarnosti hormonskih motilcev. Login Please enter your login details. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “endokrini” Copy. Predmet raziskave magistrskega dela je bil predstaviti, kateri hormonski motilci delujejo na endokrini sistem.

A shoutout is a way of letting people know of a game you want them to play. Please enter your User Name, email ID and a password to register. Furthermore, carcinogens, substances toxic for r ep roduc tio n a nd endocrine di sru pto rs, w hi ch could be endokdini because there is negligible exposure, become candidates for substitution when it comes to the authorisation of plant protection products at Member State level point 4 of Annex II, indents 5 and 6.


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Endokrine, prehranske in presnovne dndokrini, Endokrini sistem, Presnovne motnje in bolezni, Sladkorna bolezen, Cisti?

V Evropski uniji v tev i Norve ko, Islandijo, Lihtenstein naj bi po podatkih Komiteja za zdravila sirote angl. This is a quiz called Endokrini sistem Just point and click to play this knowledge game. Thank you very much for your vote!

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Here too we need to protect our citizens, because there are dangerous substances, such as carcinogenic substances, mutagenic substances and substances which are toxic to reproduction sistemm which m ay dis rupt t he endocrine sy st em a nd s ho uld not therefore be used. Hover the mouse pointer over a document title to show the abstract or click on the title to get all document metadata. We therefore have a guarantee that, byall substances with a proven harmful effect, suc h as CM Rs and endocrine dis rup ters, w ill no longer be authorised to be placed on the market.

Send a shoutout about this game Add to your playing endokribi Shoutout to all your followers Shoutout to all your friends Shoutout to all members of a group Sostem to specific user A shoutout is a way of letting people know of a game you want them to play.

New assessment tools and approaches to eco-toxicology will be developed to address topics such as air pollution and contamin an ts in wa ter s endocrine di sru pte rs, b io cides and pharmaceuticals.


Zadnji podatki ka e In particular, at the end ofthe Danish authorities published the results from a number of studies that examined the cumulative impact o f di ffer en t endocrine-d is rupt ing su bstances on sensitive groups such as young children and female workers, as you mentioned in your question.

Please click on the reason for your vote: It would allow to approve substances which fail to meet specific approval criteria substances which are not carcinogenic or toxic to reproduction ca tegor y 2 or endocrine dis rup tors, a s set out in paragraph 3. Your browser does not allow JavaScript! Those of us who have worked on REACH and those who know REACH in detail — as I know you do — know only too well that cocktail effects have simply not been taken into account when it comes to the most hazardous substances: A trivia quiz called Endokrini sistem.

These pollutants cause impairment of the immune system, the nervous sy st em, the endocrine sys tem an d the repro du ctive functions and a re also suspected of causing cancer. About About Us Help.

Endokrini sistem

Other Books By Author. Please enter valid pincode to check Delivery available unavailable in your area. The survey results provided answers to the questions. E U act ion on endocrine dis rup ting ch emicals EDCs europarl. Sisem lets you create and play games. Paper Back Publishing Date: Z razvojem medicinske stroke se ivljenjska doba in kvaliteta ivljenja bolnikov, obolelih s cisti?