Émile Armand was an influential French individualist anarchist at the beginning of the 20th .. Xavier Diez. El anarquismo individualista en España (–). El anarquismo individualista en España (–. ). Virus editorial. tore and Emile Armand and of the related phenomenon of ille- galism. Lo que es, puede y vale. El Anarquismo Individualista Daniel Moreno Émile Armand – Gran teórico del anarquismo individualista.

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In a text fromhe mentioned among the individualist objectives the practice of forming voluntary associations for purely sexual purposes of heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual nature or of a combination thereof.

Fictitious and imposed solidarity is worthless solidarity. Paperbackpages. Very advisable to understand the roots of individual anarchism, to understand its philosophy and to show why this way of thought that also trascends individkalista has been so sharply attacked, judged and criticized and specially distorted so that it was seen as something dangerous and extremist and the human being can be subjected to a society that does not respect freedom, difference, and lifes developed far of the canon imposed.

Here, gift and barter — one product for another; there, exchange — product for representative value.

He advocated free lovenaturism and polyamory in what he termed la camaraderie amoureuse. The anarchist replies that when solidarity is imposed from without it is worthless; that when a contract is enforced there is no longer any question of rights or duties; that coercion releases him from the bonds which attach him to a so-called society whose executives he knows only in the guise of administrators, law-givers, judges and policemen; that he supports only the solidarity of his everyday relationships.

Émile Armand

Armand was an important propagandist of free love. To ask other readers questions about El anarquismo individualistaplease sign up.


They set up their own views in the form of civil dogmas, which no man may violate under pain of punishment, just as in former times, during the reign of the Church, there were severe penalties for daring to challenge religious dogmas. Open Preview See a Problem?

El anarquismo individualista: Lo que es, puede y vale

In this way he applies this rule to friendship, love, sexual encounters and economic transactions. I was felt deeply sad and angered while reading the facts that denied freedom to human beings those days, cause I can see hardly anything has changed in a hundred years and that means we are still facing the same troubles, the same forms in which the states control and subject us all, and above all, the society described is perfectly exported to the ones we live in these days.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sin embargo, no se infiere de esto que las variantes del capitalismo sean menos miserables. L’Unique went from to with a total of numbers. My opinion matters little in this matter you send me about what you are doing. Nicholas Anema rated it it was amazing Jul 22, But Individuslista did love the way he described anarchists, who are above all, free human beings in search of knowledge, freedom to act according to their own nature and ideas, and who want to trascend the naarquismo of people who dont think, dont feel, dont live.

Humberto Hernandez rated it it was amazing Feb 04, Maria Magdalena rated it liked it Dec 20, Fede rated it it was ok Jan 07, In he published “Ways of communal life without state and authority. Iniciales especially had a specific strong influence by Armand’s thought.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anarchism portal Politics portal. A reasonable being utilizes; only the senseless suppress and mutilate.

Around —, Armand discovered anarchism through coming into contact with the inndividualista Les Temps nouveaux which was edited by Jean Grave. Anarquismo interior previo e incluso independiente del exterior o social. In he married Denise Rougeault who helped him financially and with this he was able to concentrate on his activism.


Economic and sexual experiences through history” [7] in which he presented intentional communities anarchist and non-anarchist from different times. In economics he says that the individualist anarchist “inwardly he remains refractory — fatally refractory — morally, emjle, economically The capitalist economy and the directed economy, the speculators and the fabricators of single are equally repugnant to him.

Here and there everything happening — here everyone receiving what they need, there each one getting whatever is needed according to their own capacity. The State — the laic form of the Church — has replaced the Church which was the religious form of the State — but the aim of both has always been to form, not free beings, but true believers or perfect armqnd.

El anarquismo individualista: Lo que es, puede y vale by Émile Armand

Part of the Politics series on. Retrieved from ” https: From the influence of Max Stirner he embraces egoistical denial of social conventions, dogmas and accords in order to live in accord to one’s own ways and desires in daily life since he emphasized anarchism as a way of life and practice. Retrieved 6 March There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Spanish individualist anarchism during dictatorship and the second republic — by Xavier Diez Archived at the Wayback Machine.