EDI X12 856 PDF

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set () for use within the context of an. Page 1 ANSI X12 version EDI IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE. ANSI X12 V Steel Specific Version. Ship Notice/Manifest. This document provides the standard format and established data contents of a ship notice/manifest transaction set (). An comprises a.

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For more information about Drop-Ship, you can read our blog: This starts the pack level hierarchical loop for the first item of the third purchase order of the shipment.

Nevertheless, no matter how this document is called: Then, the supplier has to start the order processing procedure. See the TD5 segment for further discussion. Sequencing or serial part of an equipment unit’s identifying number pure numeric form for equipment number is x1. Code defining the type of weight.

To identify the type and physical attributes of the pallet, and, gross weight, gross volume, and height of the load and the pallet.

This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the wdi item of the second purchase order of the shipment. The example may not show all segments or qualifier combinations.

Code indicating the hierarchical application structure of a transaction set that utilizes the HL segment to define the structure of the transaction set. To transmit a hash total for a specific element in the transaction set.


Free-form text for city name. Unit or Basis for Measurement Code. Largest horizontal dimension of an object measured when the object is in the upright position.

Reference Identification Qualifier Description: Item One on fourth purchase order. It should be noted that the use of text data in EDI transactions should be limited to those specific agreements between trading partners.

EDI 856 – Ship Notice/Manifest

Identifying number for a rdi or service. Identification Code Qualifier Description: It is sometimes generically called a shipping container license plate. All rights reserved to Namtek Consulting Services.

It is recommended that a value of “EA” be used as the quantity unit of measure for items identified with a SCC Pallet Type Edk Description: This hierarchical level is used to identify 1×2 transport package, which may be a pallet, master container, or other physical unit of load. Number of Units Shipped Description: Code specifying the method or type of transportation for the shipment. Detailed diagrams and examples showing the different hierarchical looping structures are provided in Section 3: The transaction set can be used to list the contents of a shipment of goods as well as additional eedi relating to the shipment, such as order information, product description, physical characteristics, type of packaging, marking, carrier information, and configuration of goods within the transportation equipment.

Ad. Ship Notice

This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the shipment. It should be noted that the TD5 segment may be included at the header portion of the transaction, thereby applying to the entire order, or at the line item level of the order, applying only to the specified line. Join us Find us on Follow us on Recommend us on.


To specify the carrier and sequence of routing and provide transit time information. Subscribe to our Blog Email: Transaction Set Control Number Description: To describe a product or z12 in coded or free-form format.

Composite Unit of Measure Description: Code specifying the application or source of Marks and Numbers Code identifying a party or other code. Entity Identifier Code Description: Transaction Set Purpose Code Description: Marks and Numbers Qualifier Description: Identification number of the next higher hierarchical data segment that the data segment being described is subordinate to ECTF Notes: This starts the pack level hierarchical loop for the fourth purchase order of the shipment.

Transaction Set Identifier Code Description: We offer up-to-date integrated solutions at an affordable price to enterprises for all sizes.

ANSI X12 EDI Document Types, Codes & Sets | eBridge Connections

Code specifying type of date or time, or both date and time. Carrier Details Quantity and Weight. The SCC is used to identify these cartons.

Anytime text data is passed within a transaction, the receiving partner may have to queue the transaction into an exception process for review.