In The end of overeating: taking control of the insatiable American appetite, David A. Kessler presents an engaging perspective of the obesity epidemic. About. The End of Overeating has ratings and reviews. Diane said: Loy Machedo’s Book Review – The End of Over-eating by David A. Kessler Ever since. Call me late to the game, this book came out last year, but I just read Dr. David Kessler’s The End of Overeating, Taking Control of the Insatiable.

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Although well-written, I found it troublesome that much of what was offered from the multiple experts seemed tiny fragments kesslee sentences, easily taken out of context.

And one buys a book like this based on the scientific pedigree of its author. In all honesty, the information presented is not much thhe a mind-altering concept: According to Kessler, eating in modern society no longer serves a primary function of mitigating hunger and replenishing energy stores.

Most of us know what it feels like to fall under the spell of food — when one slice of pizza turns into half a pie, or a handful of chips leads to an empty bag. The joke in the food industry is “When in doubt, add bacon and cheese to it. Because that’s only overeatiing to increase the reward value of food and make it harder to stop. Part 6 “The End of Overeating” is the cultural solution to end obesity.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Another large section of the book explains how the food industry exploits this, driving many Americans to overeat because of these tendencies. It’s called “Food Rehab” and davud guidelines for how to change your thoughts about food. Maybe that would indicate whether it’s possible to permanently reset the brain’s reward response via Kessler’s other suggested approaches. The food industry figured out that humans respond to specific combinations of pvereating, fat and salt.

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About two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight.

I’m not known for my girth, but I found this book to have a powerful effect on me. It is eye-opening and has practical tips I could really apply in daily life. I found that the same lessons about how to avoid compulsive eating apply to compulsive internet surfing, etc.

Obesity or also a major cause of disability and may shorten lifespan. I found this difficult to get through without wanting something “smothered in cheese” or “dipped in sauce. And how do we circumvent this? Apparently when it wasn’t dsvid people it was altering the release of chemicals in the brain seratonin and dopamine so make hypereaters relate to food like regular people. When I was trying to lose weight, I went to a food coach. I look at shopping with renewed vigor! There’s a lot of evidence that we have only kessled much self-control, that it’s a scarce resource.

Kessler, a former FDA chief best known for his anti-tobacco efforts, struggled for most of his life with a need to eat more that was good for him, a need he shares with an increasing p This is a fascinating account of the measures that the food industry takes–both in marketing and in its attempts to load food with as much sugar, fat and salt as possible–to make its often very unhealthy products irresistable to consumers, and how it thereby has helped usher in the epidemic of obesity in the U.

I was more than halfway through the book before I noticed that it had been published by Rodale. Thus we keep returning to the food, like the addicts we are. It was written at what I would describe as magazine level, although about the last quarter is detailed end notes that I hadn’t realized were there, or I might have been reading them.

The End of Overeating

Quotes from The End of Overea We now know that this involves activating certain parts of the brain. I was expecting to at least find food lists of healthy choices vs. There were innumerable summaries of various food studies and medical research, and these talking points were repeated often.


It explained the theory of treatment. I have come to maximize my foods as a science and pick what will davd me the most nutrition. We now understand that it’s a form of self-medication. Sanderson, an associate professor of psychology at Amherst, studies close relationships and health-related behavior, including eating disorders.

The conflux of these two things has led to a nation of overweight and obese people, because kesslfr something the author dubs “conditioned hypereating. Are French Fries better or worse than cigarettes? So what was it?

The end of overeating

It preaches portion control and calorie counting, pure and simple. Wow, that just sounds like typical diet advice, I guess you have to read the book to realize how it’s not a diet book, it’s more like a “how to be a sane eater in our fucked up food-obsessed country” book.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. He invokes dopamine and opioids as the key neurotransmitters mediating the rewiring of brain circuits. Granted, maybe if I had read this when it first came outI would have gotten more from it, but now it just reads like familiar, past news headlines. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Like chemicals use in photography, when used together they produce a superadditive effect that is greater than the sum of the individual components.

The end of overeating

Did they go right back to overeating as though they had never taken the drug? How the Food Giants Hooked Us. Tge 5 How we can stop over-eating.