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This paup eventually to be published as The Great Escape. A native of Melbourne, Brickhill had begun a career as a newspaper reporter at the Sydney Sun when war was declared in As I said earlier this is an exciting read and does not get bogged down in technical aspects or minute historical details.

Dec 25, Shirley Revill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Back in the bad ol’ WWII days, dropping a bomb on top of a dam that was feet thick at the base, just wouldn’t get the job done. Gripping, in-flight and chilling.

Absolutely brilliant account of the Dam Busters Squadron. Subsequent feats included raids on heavily defended Nazi U-Boat pens, V-1 and V-2 secret flying bomb bases, the destruction of key bridges and aqueducts an Published in and revised and updated inDam Busters tells the story of weapons scientist Sir Barnes Wallis and the RAF Squadron who delivered the specialized ordnance he designed to take out key German dams destroying their electric generators and flooding the areas down stream at great risk and at the cost of many casualties.

It also put a nasty crimp in Der Fuhrer’s steel industry. While visiting Germany as part of his research for The Great EscapeBrickhill took the opportunity to visit the Ruhr valley to see the dams attacked during Operation Chastise.

Cradon had served as intelligence officer with the squadron. Get fast, free shipping dajbusters Amazon Prime. Eventually he discovered that not only was Barnes Wallis involved with the squadron in developing the bouncing bombs used during Operation Chastise but he had also designed the Grand Slam and Tallboy bombs used by the squadron later in the war. Filled with technical details, it might at times seem a bit heavy going, but the blend brickkhill science and action is useful, in my opinion.

Paul Brickhill

Jan 20, Jaanus Tramberg rated it it was amazing. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? This necessitated a family move to this small town, 10 miles from Belfast at the top of the picturesque Strangford Lough. This book details the theory and experimentation and testing of a new kind of bomb, designed–believe it or not–to skip along the surface of the lake and sink in just the right spot to provide a seismic shock against the thick foundation of the dams.


You could end up on television and with a tidy sum in your pocket. This book reads very quickly and it’s very interesting. None were interested so Brickhill was forced to decline Nerney’s offer. Nerney then discussed the issue with John Pudney, who was an editor at News Review.

I Read the Hebrew translation.

These brave airmen flew pal at suicidally low altitudes through thick flack and other intense German defenses to deliver the explosive canisters at just the right angle and height and speed, and even had to improvise a new bomb-sight in order to do this. Daily bombardment of London added urgency to the project and great pressure to complete it.

What makes Brickhill’s effort so good is that he got to talk to and interviewed many of the main players involved with squadron and with these sources he has done a fantastic job. Of course historical documents and registers are often the only evidence historians have to extrapolate from so the job of telling the story of a real person who didn’t survive becomes ever more difficult the further we are from the event. True story of the men who flew on missions during WW11 dambussters blow up strategic places, bridges, dams etc.

Plus this huge thing had to be suspended underneath the bomber and had to be spinning backwards at just the right rate in order to skip.

Paul Brickhill – Dambusters Blog

Though The Great Escape is a novel, its basic story is true, and the novel’s author Paul Brickhill was a participant in it. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Wow, I started this not expecting to find myself completely immersed in the story. Please try again later.

The Dam Busters (book) – Wikipedia

My Dad was not a literary man, nor a war hero, but he was a well known and respected Businessman in Newtownards, he was President of the local Rugby Club and a member of the Lions Club, the book was never secreted.

I have been scouring the interwebnet for online material about the aircrew who took part in the Dams Raid for a project I will be unveiling shortly, but in the meantime, I thought I would share the fruits of part of my research.


Published in and revised and updated inDam Busters tells the story of weapons scientist Sir Barnes Wallis and the RAF Squadron who delivered the specialized ordnance he designed to take out key German dams destroying their electric generators and flooding the areas down stream at great risk and at the cost of many casualties.

It reads as fiction, but every word is fact!

We should never forget the story of He points out that the family lived in Newtownards for five years, and that Brian Goodale had an important job with a well known local firm. In fact that is one of my only complaints about the book, so to the fact that it was published in a lot of the information on the “bouncing bombs” and Operation Chastise was still classified, so the author could not go into a lot of details and some details might be wrong in order to preserve the secrecy.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. He makes other appearances in the book, most notably as the victim of a debagging prank in the train to London, the day before the 33 aircrew decorated for the Dams Raid received their awards at Buckingham Palace. After all it was during the troubles and my father was in the armoured car business.

Plus the planes of that period could not carry more than one thousand-pounder and not even that one would provide a destructive flood over the industrial valleys downstream where the German war machine was in high gear. However, as Simon says, his mother and father and himself all stayed there again some time later, when they had moved over to Northern Ireland, but were waiting for the furniture to arrive.

Read during High School. I know the last of these did not take part in the Dams Raid himself, but I thought his obituary might be of interest. The book doesn’t end with the famous raid on the dams of the Ruhr Valley but continues on to tell of the subsequebtial raid on other prime targets in Nazi Germany.