It appears that Court de Gébelin had the essay by the Comte de Mellet in his possession Court de Gébelin’s essay is noteworthy for establishing the Tarot as a. Drawn by Court de Gebelin in attempt to show that the Tarot was Egyptian in origin, these cards represent the height of circular logic. They are far more. by Gerardo Lonardoni No Tarot scholar has ever been so often quoted and so little read as the Frenchman Antoine Court de Gébelin. He is unanimously.

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The XXII Trumps represent in general temporal and spiritual chiefs of society, the physical Chiefs of agriculture, Cardinal virtues, marriage, death, the resurrection or creation, taro of fortune, the Sage and the Fooltime which consumes all, etc. It was abundantly said [by the manufacturers? The Fool takes nothing and nothing can take it: To give an explanation to this clamorous falsehood, the contemporary historians formulate two hypothesis: He was lost in winter; he reappeared in spring with a new glow having triumphed over all that warred against him.

Other than the Trumpsthis game is composed of clurt Suits differentiated by their symbols: Initially the treatment seemed to have a complete cojrt, but the infirmity quickly reappeared even more seriously. This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat With the concurrent American Revolution and a French one in the making, would the world plunge into another dark age as it had when a revolution occurred in Alexandria?


Antoine Court de Gébelin – Wikipedia

The Queens the development of their Religionsof their Mores, of their Manners, and especially of their Opinions, Tarog having always been regarded as the Queen of the World. He was the quintessential free thinker which is the primary reason he is so unanimously couet. He was not the first to suspect the Tarot’s ancient origin but published the oldest extant document.

See this blog article on the marginalia of U. You are commenting using your WordPress. It is word-for-word the Royal trail of life.

This game, interesting by itself, was limited to Italy until relations between the Germans with the Italians made it known to this second nation Heraclidus was thought to be insane by his beloved peers; even in the East, to dedicate oneself to the speculative sciences or to “Hermetize” were one and the same thing.

Llewellyn Publications,p. The engravure’s poor craftsmanship hints these were made just in time for publication. The Queen with a card, 4 [points].

We do not know where nor when it was invented nor the motivation that might have assembled so many extraordinary figures, so little could be made sense of it, that it offers in its entirety only an enigma no one ever attempted to resolve.

June 21, at 4: We know Egyptian High Priests were married. Would it not reach its height, if one gave assurances that no one ever suspected that it was Egyptian; that those who possessed it did not value it, that nobody ever sought to decipher a sheet of it; that the fruit of an exquisite wisdom is regarded as a cluster of extravagant figures which do couurt mean anything by themselves?


The four head cards of each suit may have contained geographic details for each region[: The Trumps do not all have the same value. However, his admonition of the card manufacturers whether real or feigned for the entertainment of his censors may have made them unwilling to help.

R, as Monsieur l’abbe Rive, one of the earliest gebflin about Tarot history. Because of this, I think he was better able to make a study of its structure independent of any particular symbolism.

Between the two columns are two Dogs which seem to bark at the Moon and to safeguard it: When Bougearel posted his theory on the Aeclectic forum, I felt compelled taror mention this medieval boardgame to him. I never thought about it in relationship to the tarot game. However, we do not find her in this Game.

Antoine Court de Gebelin (1725 – 1784)

Blog Stats 1, hits. Would it not be thought that the speaker wanted to amuse himself, and played on the credulity of his listeners?

Cancel reply Enter your comment here We never sought to decipher it a moment before [its revelation].

Let’s add that it is also not surprising Egyptians had inserted Death in a game which should only awaken agreeable ideas: