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The last control condition was identical to the second experimental condition with the exception that the subjects did not receive the letter string problem example before answering the booklet. Results showed analogical transfer was considerably hindered in the group where the practice problem was superficially different from the test problem thus confirming the findings of many other scientists, see for example: Subjects were presented with an example of letter string problem solving different from that employed in the booklets.

SEMANA 3. Condicionamiento clásico y operante – Aprendizaje y memoria

For further information regarding the present study, the first author may be contacted at: A total of four different booklets were designed. Experiment 2 The first study, suggests that the experimental procedures employed in the first study may considerably enhance the successful solution of letter string problems; additionally, the results suggest that the punishment of “correct” answers considerably hinders the solution of operxnte same problems. A Juanito le encantan las gominolas, pero odia el chocolate.

Practice had important effects in the first experimental group, where subjects significantly increased the probability of producing a correct answer as they progressed through the problems. Discussion In general, the results of the present study suggest that reinforcement contingencies had limited effects on the production of correct responses.

A second experiment assessed behavioral momentum theory in the solution of letter string problems. Some subjects were randomly assigned to a condition where they initiated with problem 1 and ended with problem fifteen; other subjects received the problems in inverted order.


As was mentioned in the introduction of the first experiment, the problems selected for the first experimental group, had previously been identified as “hard” problems, and thus they produced a more pronounced learning curve that was statistically detected by the regression analysis. The first booklet consisted of twelve different letter string problems.

Delete comment or cancel. A total of 79 undergraduate students from a university from Mexico City participated in the study; both male and female students were recruited.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters. Figure 1shows cumulative success as a function of yy consecutive problems.


Thus the results produced so far suggest that operant conditioning may be an important feature in letter string problem solving. Results Figure 1shows cumulative success as a function of solving consecutive problems.

The control group was required to solve a problem that was unrelated to the test item. Por ejemplo, imaginemos que los amigos de Pepe le alaban cuando no trae los deberes hechos y se enfrenta al profesor refuerzo positivo de conducta incompatible. Additionally, figure 5 shows that performance in the last twelve problems is significantly impaired when the answer selected for reinforcement changes after the twelfth problem. It was hypothesized that, should behavioral momentum occur, subjects would persist in the production of the obsolete answer.

Estudiantes universitarios recibieron problemas impresos de secuencias de letras. Effects operantd shock condicionamientoo on response strength in multiple schedules.

Perhaps the effects of reinforcement and practice could also be enhanced using more potent reinforcers, such as money or curricular credits. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Lawrence, Erlbaum Associates Publisher.


The third operanet condition was identical to the second experimental condition with the exception that the subjects received no feedback for their responses.


Si decidimos utilizar un procedimiento de marcado, debemos indicar marcar la respuesta que queremos que aumente en frecuencia de manera clawico y, posteriormente, entregar el reforzador o consecuente, recordando la conducta marcada. Copy code to clipboard. Algo importante a tener en cuenta es la cantidad y naturaleza del reforzador. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover pvlov again.

The number of “correct” responses is particularly low in the inverse reinforcement condition group 4. Another research possibility would be to try to condicionamifnto the delay gradient effect on letter string problem solving.

The post hoc analyses showed that experimental groups, as well as the no reinforcement and no example groups operxnte from the inverse reinforcement condition condition that presented the lowest overall mean.

Experiment 1 showed that letter string problem solving is significantly impaired by the punishment of correct answers; it also showed that the deleterious effects of punishment increase with exposure to the experimental procedures; practice also increases the probability of producing a correct answer in at least one experimental condition.

The experimental literature on letter string problem solving based on a cognitive approach has produced mainly negative findings; additionally results have shown poor or nonexistent external validity see Pulido et al for a review. Table 3 shows the groups in the first columns; the regression equation is shown on the third column and the statistical significance of the slope is shown on the fourth column.