King Rat. China Mieville, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Saul is snatched from the authorities by a mysterious savior named King Rat, who claims to be. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of King Rat by China Miéville. This novel is a resplendent supernatural tale moving to the brain rattling pulse of Jungle and Drum ‘n Bass. These musical styles are the natural.

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If you know about it, it’s a challenge. The revisionist folklore is, I suspect, simply the occasion for commentary on the setting.

I have also heard that it is a bit different from the rest of his novels. My largest comment midville that I love his atmospheric descriptions.

The descriptions of London were good and the ending wrapped everything up nicely. King Rat – India. This is his debut novel and does not seem to mievlile as widely read or Full Review: Saul returns to the sewers to confront King Rat, leading to a falling-out. Chapters Twenty-Six to end. I own every one of knig books, each time thinking this will be the one until his unique ocular drill begins to whir and I must hurl the book across the room or be blinded. Refresh and try again.

It’s a truly enjoyable book – alternately fascinating, captivating and horrifying.

Yet his flute has a way of hypnotizing people, persuading them to do as he wishes, causing them to march to his tune. When I finished Krakenmy first Mieville offering, I thought the book good, but was intrigued by its author and chia talent that was evident I would later learn that Kraken was perhaps his weakest.



There were many scenes with Saul running from one location to the next, with street name after street name, a Falsely arrested for murder, Saul Garamond soon realizes his place in the rat world of the London underground.

This is his debut novel and does not seem to be as widely read or recommended. Part Five – Spirits: A British “fantastic fiction” writer. The first act was great and got me hooked; the second act was a bit all over the place, but whatever, most second acts are; and the third act was positively apotheosic. It lacks the slightly arrogant exceedingly self-confident polishing rqt later siblings boast.

Before the police can come to a decisive conclusion, a mysterious chinx known gat as King Rat whisks Saul away to the shadowy underground of London back alleys, rooftops and sewers. Jan 23, J. Seems likely that this was inspired by the reading of comic books. The plot lines and characters that appear dropped. A cousin that the elderly relatives mention only in hushed whispers at family reunions. Saturday, 19 February The main character, Saul, is a charmless cipher, bumbling around while things happen to him.

He has stood for the House of Commons for the Socialist Alliance, and published a book on Marxism and mievklle law. Another and another would join in, a cacophony of simultaneous forces of nature, half-musical, half-feral, artificial, commentary, an intruder in the city that shaped it contemptuously, sculpted it…Flute, white noise, snares and bass line, stretching off for a long time, an unbroken architecture of deserted beats.

Brainwashed – China Mieville, “King Rat”

While he’s between interrogations, he’s sprung by King Rat. This, his first published novel, rings with a promise of literary magic, it is the herald of a new voice in our bookish clan. Happily for Saul, a mysterious stranger named King Rat breaks our hero out of the pokey and introduces Saul to a very new kind of lifestyle. King Rat is festering with atmosphere and drowns you in a cacophony of Jungle Bass and Drum. The music does not mesh: The subject matter is several strands Seems likely that this was inspired by the reading of comic books.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part Four kiny Blood: Still, a very good read. Now under suspicion for the murder of his father, Saul tries to unwrap the events of that morning. As King Rat takes Saul under his wing, the young man is quickly embroiled in a centuries-old rivalry.

KING RAT by China Miéville | Kirkus Reviews

In the morning he is awakened by police pounding on the door, come to arrest him. Saul sneaks into the club with his new rat allies and Anansi leading the spiders.

And apparently eating trash gives him ninja powers! It reminds me a lot of Neil Gaiman but as this rah written well before American Gods I wonder who influenced whom. This is a city book about city rodents sniffling through back alleys, searching refuse bins for a bit of scran, trying to avoid the daylight eyes of the human population.

Here’s the deal with King Rat: With a great deal of dialogue and short often one-sentence paragraphs and the use of of italics for emphasis “hear meville trains growling?