Read “Chernobyl A Novel” by Frederik Pohl with Rakuten Kobo. Chernobyl: The very name conjures the catastrophe that the world feared could happen. Chernobyl: The very name conjures the catastrophe that the world feared Frederik Pohl’s novel about this disaster was written months after the tragic events. This article is about the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred on April 26, , and was the The novel Chernobyl by Frederik Pohl tells about the disaster from the viewpoint of individuals involve in it. In , photographer Elena.

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There is apparently some degree of international pressure to have these other graphite-controlled reactors decommissioned.

Although this is a work of historical fiction, much of the details are taken from the public record about the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. I don’t know why you’d want to read a piece of historical fiction about the Chernobyl disaster.

freferik Chernobyl by Frederik Pohl. Dec 18, Demian Katz rated it really liked it Recommends it for: So reading it was sort of painless research. And like any disaster the Meltdown at Chernobyl brought out the best and the worst in the Soviet people.

I would rather have spent more chernobjl finding out about what was happening at Chernobyl in all honesty. But is there no domestic pressure inside Russia yet? Having grown up with Shoreham’s nuclear plant construction right under my nose and with Three Mile Island a lived through event, Chernobyl perhaps explains why the US is under utilizing nuclear power. I also understood the whole initial tendency for governments to initially deny the severity of the incident until it is absolutely necessary to do so, and the measures that must be taken to control such a situation as quickly as possible for all foreign lands in relative geographical proximity can or will eventually be affected.


It is an excellent read.

There were heros who rushed in to prevent larger disasters from happening and paid for their efforts with their lives. He had the cooperation of many people inside the U.

Pohl created other tertiary characters — soldiers, ambassadors, and other governmental figures — to illustrate the human impact of the accident and the response by the government, but the couple was just stuck in there. Pohl konzentriert sich nicht allein auf die Katastrophe im Reaktor, sondern auch auf die Art und Weise, wie Menschen in einer Diktatur darauf reagieren.

Chernobyl is a good concise history, written soon after the event by someone who not only visited the impacted area, but was conversant in the language and culture.

Chernobyl by Frederik Pohl

A fictional reconstruction of the worst nuclear accident in history–dramatized with nonchalant skill by the veteran science-fiction writer and editor. I understand the workings of nuclear reactors and raidation so I had a very good take on exactly what issues they faced which made me appreciate their sacrifice more deeply.

Books by Frederik Pohl. Another distraction is Pohl’s commendable, but overlong explanations of how a nuclear power plant works. I can’t imagine any government wanting to be held accountable for such an atrocity. You submitted the following rating and review.


This book tells the story of Chernobyl, but with fictional characters. This was an amazing book.

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Jul 26, Jen rated it it was amazing. A Century of Science Fiction. Definitely worth a look; the educational as I’m a big fan of Frederik Pohl’s science fiction, so I was frrederik to see how he would approach fictionalizing a historical incident. My full review can be found on my blog: This book is a captivating account of the day-to-day disaster as it happened. In the end, the book just made me want to read a nonfiction book about the event. Indeed, Pohl’s point is that there will be significant latency in the cancers caused by the accident.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Again, I can see this being a timely, informative book at the time of its publication, but inmore can be learned about the event from reading Pol. The political hot-potato this Chernobyl disaster turned out to be it occurred during the height of the cold war in this cheronbyl was well acknowledged and described.

Some of the characters felt superfluous. Pohl fans and anyone interested in the disaster.