Hello, is there a book on how to start using CADSTAR? -or a tutorial anywhere,? my company is loosing patience with me as i struggle to learn. CADSTAR is Zuken’s powerful PCB design solution allowing an intuitive work Throughout CADSTAR’s Schematic and PCB design editors, the menu items. Supporting the potential need to work with PCB designs in the Zuken® CADSTAR™ format, Altium Designer includes a CADSTAR Importer for.

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Now I just need to pull my finger out and make enough posts to warrant you visiting it on your phone: Cadstad do you get an MCU design to market quickly? Pad with broken track When you have a component such as a terminal block with PTH pads that are likely to move during use i. PNP transistor not working 2. You may like ask questions on here.

If you have file locking enabled set in the Options and for one reason or another you have a power cut or a software crash, CADSTAR cannot delete the temporary lock file that prevents another user having write access to your design, so how do you get access back yourself? Please fill out the form below to get a quote for a new seat of Altium Designer. There often seems to be discussions about which unit of measurement to work in, they pop up on the web several times throughout the year.

Monday, 24 May My very first blog! Heat sinks, Part 2: The tutorials I mention are available here if you register.

This is actually a mis-connection near czdstar. Thursday, 3 September My Gerber files do not line up with my drill files? Tuesday, 2 December Imperial or Metric – Does it really matter?


Friday, 28 May What am I proposing to blog about? Doing so will allow Altium Designer’s CADSTAR importer to correctly map the pin names from schematic component to pcb footprint by using the pin names in the part definition.

CADSTAR tutorial or book

If you have followed the posts on setting up a schematic template to use documentation symbols and zone links there are a few other things that can be done to further improve them. Something that really puzzles me is why so many designers are still using a single monitor to design with.

I’ll type a response here Saturday, 13 November Assignments – what are they then? Do you work in several locations?

Second, use Windows Explorer with the ability to view hidden and system files enabled, to browse for and delete the lock file. In the meantime, feel free cadtsar request a free trial by filling out the form below.

Adding teardrops to PTH pads in P. It is designed to allow you to temporarily leave a connection dangling while you sort out something for it to connect to. It’s actually been over 18 months since I actually completed a PCB design, and I’m pretty sure that I do not miss it one iota! A question I often get asked when I mention drill drawings is “why bother when the tutoriial sizes are in the NC data” they say. Now you can see the difference when you have made this mistake. Unfortunately if your dangler is the same shape as a junction then it looks the tutrial and you do not notice that the connections are not actually the same net.


Well its two fold. Even maintenance cwdstar would benefit from downloading this also available in the support downloads section as it would save them downloading individually from the online library.

Sunday, 12 February I have gone mobile! Which side cadstqr the fence are you on? Part items in the Parts library are referenced by symbol definitions in a separate Symbol library file, which is the second file required by the importer when creating an Altium Designer schematic library.

Tuesday, 14 January If you are not an active Altium Subscription member, please fill out the form below to get your free trial.

Looking at the stats, I don’t really have a large audience, perhaps I need to advertise it more on other sites – perhaps I could do with more people subscribing.

CADSTAR Demonstration Movies | Zuken

As a library evolves user attributes are added which can be seen within the parts library on the Definitions tab, however as you add them there is currently no ability to sort the columns within the Library Editor. So if you do as I have advised then you may also need to take ownership of the Zuken folder and all subfolders below it. Here is how it works Use a decent grid, if your symbols are drawn on a coarse th grid then place them on that, connect to them on a minimum of 25th.

Equating complex number interms of the other 6.