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In addition to the structure mapping, which maps the source and inbound structures to each other, you can also define a value mapping, which maps values of the structure to the required values in the inbound structure. Customers can create their own models in the ES Repository. Then, you can define the structure mapping by selecting a field in the source structure, and move it to the corresponding field in the target structure.

SAP Process Integration

The type of technical system determines exactly which attributes you must enter. The receiver of an XML message is determined in the logical and technical routing during inbound processing. You can receive alerts by e-mail, fax, or SMS. You will see that a service operation with the same name is assigned to this component.

If you are using SAP systems, you can import ijtegration new version by content. To register a J2EE server, proceed as follows: The technical system is assigned the software components that have been installed on the server.

Examine the configurations for your scenario with regard to the mapping both in the Integration Directory and in the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository. For which sender communication component has a receiver determination been created? If a process component model or process component interaction model already exists, you can processs the name of the specified objects from the modeling directly. In the design phase, the inbound and outbound interfaces of the software components used are analyzed and saved in the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository.

The system generates the missing configuration objects for you. External Interfaces Using Point-To-Point Connections In a point-to-point connection interfaces are developed between two systems in such a way that the sender system sends a document to the receiver system. However, in contrast to last category of data type described above, they are not intended for a specific usage.


You will be told which system this is, and given a process and password in the course. How many application components are involved? Which pipeline steps have been completed for the message?

PI Message Mapping

Complex System Landscapes In the past, you integrated different applications bbit400 an SAP system by saving all the data in a database, but system landscapes have since become much more complex. Checking Existing Adapter Engines The right operand can only also be determined by the expression editor in integration processes.

Value Mapping Besides assigning fields in the structure mapping, you often need to carry out conversions but400 calculations. Proceed as follows to model the process: Defining Design Objects for the Specification of Applications So far, this section has dealt exclusively with the definition of objects for modeling applications.

Technical routing, on the other hand, determines how the receiver can be reached. These include Process Integration scenario objects, modeling objects in the Enterprise Services area, interface objects, mapping objects and adapter objects, ;rocess well as objects that identify a work area, in other words, software components and namespaces.

Receiver Agreement in the Integration Directory Communication channels contain the technical parameters that are required for sending the message to the receiver system. Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Technical System Landscape of the Example Scenario It consists of two third-party type application systems and client of the SAP PI system, which is configured as the integration server.

If you want to save an additional condition, choose Insert New Condition. First, display the sender and receiver communication components involved and their corresponding communication channels.

SAP – PI Message Mapping

The super-admin role gives the user full control of reading and writing. Use the exact name specified in the exercise because the field is case-sensitive. The representation term of a core data type defines semantics for a more accurate characterization of the data type, but does not yet define business-relevant semantics with a specific reference to business processes.


In the example proceess, the inbound message has the following structure: Later, they will provide both valuable information for implementing the services and information for any configuration steps that may be required. Which receiver communication components have been assigned?

For this reason, you can assign multiple systems to an application component at configuration time. Bundling of the interfaces and mappings used.

To integrtaion the objects, click the white box in one of the source fields, and, while keeping the mouse button pressed, drag the arrow across to the standard function. Go back to your group directory.

Course: PI Message Mapping – Springest

Introducing the Scenario Exercise 5: In the context menu, choose New Ingegration. You can assign outbound and inbound interfaces to each of these actions. Of course, several receivers can be configured. Using the process component model SAP ProcComp modelstart by modeling the data used by the process component and the service interfaces intevration are to be provided to ensure access to this data from other process components.

The focus here is on a service-based integration of applications. Which external interfaces and services are provided by the application software? Data types are the basic components of interfaces.

Whenever the structure of a message procses not fit the stored schema, the Integration Engine creates an error description containing status information and a list of all structure errors. Use the biy400 functions to transfer the date to the Date field at runtime. When validation takes place in the Integration Server, a message is set to the error status in the event of an error and can be processed by the administrator in the Runtime Workbench.

On the right, two windows contain detailed information about the message. You also need to enter details for the transport and message protocols XI 2.

The message is given an error status.