politically threatening or Benny Shanon needs to hit the talk show circuit. . be metaphor for The Antipodes of the Mind, frame of reference within frames of. Shanon’s authorial persona is earnest, serious, straightforward, absolutely trustworthy. Antipodes is suffused with a sense of genuine adventure John Horgan. Benny Shanon’s Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca. Experience is one of the most compelling books on altered states I’ve .

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The Politics of Consolation Christina Simko. Here I think Shanon slips.

A General Theoretical Perspective. He was positioned in front of a large furnace.

Request removal from index. All I have is some pieces of the audio that are what were salient to me. Coupled with this is the assessment that all things are interconnected and that in their totality they constitute one harmonious whole.

Shanon pretty much agrees on this point: Notably, the manipulations involved seem to sntipodes onto forms of cognition that are associated with isolated aspects of cognition.

On many occasions I saw corridors, one hall opening into another, marvellous wall-paintings, sculptures, and reliefs. Thus it is a question of terminology whether one then says that consciousness extends outside of the brain, or that human unconscious behavior is far more sophisticated and capable of coordination with others antiodes we usually think. As I see it, the very essence of metaphoricity is the creation of new features. I thought of my sanity.


Benny Shanon: The Antipodes of the Mind – waggish

But at this level of complexity and abstraction, comfort is far from the only thing produced. However, there was a condition involved with it—a anntipodes on my part was to be made.

Other editions – View all The Antipodes of the Mind: John Horgan, author of Rational MysticismA pioneering study of the phenomenology of the special state anttipodes mind induced by Ayahuasca, a plant-based Amazonian psychotropic brew. As a consequence, the scope of the mental transformations that these stimuli can generate is increased.

Even more common are visions that reveal what is felt to be the anima mundi—the cosmic energy that permeates all Existence and sustains everything that is.

Does this deflate the claims that Shanon is making of profound, sublime experience? Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Quite commonly, people feel that they are about to die. The Antipodes of the Mind: Oxford University Press- Social Science – pages.

Benny Shanon, Antipodes of the Mind – PhilPapers

I would characterize it as idealistic monism with pantheistic overtones. Academic Skip to main content. King Zedekiah was chained and unable to move.

During this time, visions can be very strong and the entire experience may be tough and even frightening. Peter Beilharz amtipodes – Thesis Eleven 65 1: In some ways it makes sense that the breakdown of our reality-processing software would result in a general feeling of holism:. Where God and Science Meet: There is one other, more abstract spiritual experience that Shanon describes many people as having had under ayahuasca, involving visual webs:.


Choose your country or region Close. As indicated above, in cognitive-psychological discourse, the latter is generally linked primarily with language, whereas the former is regarded as sensory. My claim has been made on the basis of ordinary consciousness.

Antipodes of the Mind

While the experiential nature of the content still stands, we nonetheless have good reason to question the exact constitution of the experiences. This indeed seems to fit with the nature of the mental chaos that ayahuasca generates. He attributes much of his poise to ayahuasca, but I suspect he was fairly upbeat and fearless going in. Second, a vision about the last king of Judaea, Zedekiah, which Shanon cites as being one of the most significant he ever had:. I had the vision, recounted in Chs.

Later, I reflected a lot on this episode and have drawn many lessons from it. No, I did not want to lose all these! No keywords specified fix it.