Common name: Red Physic Nut, wild castor, wild croton, wild sultan seed • Hindi: दन्ती danti • Marathi: दंती danti, कातरी katari • Tamil. Aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermum montanum was evaluated on preliminary basis for immunomodulatory activity by studying neutrophil phagocytic. Baliospermum montanum (Willd.) Muell-Arg (Euphorbiaceae) is a leafy monoecious undershrub distributed throughout the greater parts of India, Burma and.

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In any event, the source montabum be explicitly quoted. The lower compartment of chemotactic chamber 5 ml beaker was filled with appropriate chemotactic reagents preadjusted to pH of 7.

Screening for new hydroxynitrilases from plants. Thus in the present study, an attempt has been made to evaluate immunomodulatory potency of aqueous extract of roots baliospermmu B.

The preliminary phytochemical investigation reveals presence of tannins, saponins, flavonoid and glycosides. General description of the sites where the species is found ecosystem, forest, environment or microhabitat. Footnotes Patil et al.: Indian J Pharm Sci.


Baliospermum montanum

Th e present review is an attempt to highlight the various ethnobotanical and traditional uses as well as phytochemical and pharmacological reports on B. The mean number of Candida cells phagocytosed by PMNS on the slide was determined microscopically for granulocytes using morphological criteria.

Special Issue Abstract Book. The aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermum montanum has significantly increased the intercellular reduction of NBT dye to formazen abliospermum blue compound by the neutrophils, confirming the intracellular killing property of phagocytosing neutrophils.

Baliospermum montanum in Annotated Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Nepal @

Ancient Sci Life ; National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The healthy state is believed to be based on a sophisticated fine-tuning of immunoregulatory mechanisms[ 2 ]. User specific search options User. Leaves are used in treatment of asthma and seeds montnum used in snakebite.

Dhur and Sons Private Limited; J Econ Taxo Bot ;6: Ayurvedic Drugs and their Plant Sources. The drug constitutes an important series of preparations like DantyarishtaKaisoraguggulu gulikaDantiharitakilehamand othes. Classifications Author Contributed Taxonomy Hierarchy [admin] Author Contributed Taxonomy Hierarchy [admin] Hierarchy contributed by the species page author Hierarchy contributed by the species page author.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Balikspermum stem is anti-dontalgic. Native plant monatnum for scorpion sting and snake bite.


India Biodiversity Portal

Ethno-botanical studies in the silent valley and the adjoining areas. Folklore claims of Koraput and Phulbani districts of Orissa State. Indian J Pharm Edu Res. A market study of some controversial drugs supplied from Haridwar and Dehradun area. Root paste is applied to painful piles and swellings. Tell a friend about this flower! Sharma BD, Lakshminarsimhan P. Sharma PK, Singh V. Technology Biodiversity in India. Abstract Aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermum montanum was evaluated on preliminary basis for immunomodulatory activity by studying neutrophil phagocytic function.

Leaves are simple, sinuate-toothed, upper ones small, lower ones large and sometimes palmately lobed.

A scrutiny of literature revealed some notable pharmacological activities baliosperkum the plant such as anticancer, antimicrobial, free radical scavenging, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, and anthelmintic. Free radical scavenging activity of aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermum montanum Muell-Arg.