Attraction Formula reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Paul Janka’s advice. Buy, download and read The Attraction Formula PDF EBook Free The Attraction Formula Amazon» “Paul Janka’s Step-By-Step Secrets To. Has anyone read Paul Janka’s book attraction formula? Any comments?.

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Join Date Apr Gender: No rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Value for Money Is the product worth the price paid for it? Perhaps you have no desire to sleep with hundreds of women. In the book Janka hints at quitting pick up to find a soul mate. This means you now get a lot of content for your money now: There are some outstanding insights from a regular attractiob who knows what works. Product Information Paul Janka introduces his step-by-step system to meet and date women.

Most dating gurus pretend that the player lifestyle is perfect, which is far from the truth. Age 57 Posts 1, It puts romantic notions aside and focuses on the goal, playing the numbers to get the results. This is currently the best “value for money” program on the market.

However, if you expect special openers and techniques, you formjla will be disappointed. I’d recommend reading this book for the practical tips pxul how to set up your apartment, h Paul Janka covers a lot of ground in this short book: Do you want to meet lots of women and become a player? User Reviews of Attraction Formula.

I, for one, do not. He assumes a certain level of the game, rapport building skills, calibration and ability to hold a decent conversation.

Attraction Formula

I have only seen minimal stuff but it seems legit so far and I think it is more also along the line of naturals. I love Paul Janka, his game seems to have little structure but he has no fear of approach from videos I’ve seen. I’ll come back to this further down. He says formuoa gives you the best opportunity to meet the most high quality women. Innovativeness Is it something totally new? What you have in front of you is, to my knowledge, the most powerful dating technology ever to be made available to the single man.


His book is good reading, but he definitely is not the normal guy and I would imagine gets a better response rate due to outer game and overall intellect. But the social skill-set that you can develop, simply by implementing a few of these techniques will give you the ability to choose the type of women you want in your life. Paul Janka’s system was designed to be effective attractoon meeting and picking up women – nothing else.

Interestingly even several years after having read his book, I still look at it as a bible of th Very illustrative description in classic Janka style. Paul knows what he wants her phone number and usually walks away with it.

Attraction Formula Dating Coach: But there isn’t a lot of information offered for other scenarios. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Anas rated it liked it Aug 22, Get the good tips hanka disregard the stuff that seems too crazy to you. Not exactly what I want now in life, but it will improve any interaction implementing few of the palu explained. The Collection of Confidence. It will not appear anywhere. The information in this chapter is valuable experienced feedback for all men setting out on this journey that will help them make better decisions for your own longer term happiness.

Janka has mad inner game and a uanka that’s optimized for NYC. Interestingly even several years after having read his book, I still look at it as a bible of the absolute basics. Sambrar rated it it was amazing Jul 20, My luck i will open and number close two girls on two different days that would happen to be best friends.


Attraction Formula Reviews

Janka himself used it to meet women mostly directly in the street. As you can see on Paul Janka’s profile this is what happened – he has settled into long term relationships with girlfriends in recent years.

Pzul formula addresses the techniques necessary for meeting women during the day, relationships, and “playing the field” lifestyle.

Once you’ve read this you can dive into more detailed reviews of the separate eBook, audio and video downloads. It’s one of the best “Value for Money” offers currently on the market – especially if your new to dating advice and it’s all new to you.

Mario Gamboa rated it really liked it Aug 13, He says on a good day he’ll get about 7 numbers of women he finds really attractive and he’ll sleep with about 11 percent of those so thats 2 girls every 3 days of hitting the streets. It boils down to a dozen or so practical tips, but it is truly lasting knowledge and a great addition to the Men’s Library. I was only able to watch half of the first video because the constant walking back and forth with the camera following the presenter distracted from the content being delivered.

I saw him on a an episode of Tyra Banks and the women really dug him even before he started talking. Reviewed by Attractiln Seven Last Update: The time now is No wonder his numbers are high Over all i am not sure how applicable his theory would be in smaller city.

This chapter “Luxury Problems: Want to Read saving….