In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent The Unfolding of Language by Guy Deutscher Babel No More by Michael Erard Talking Hands by Margalit. In the Land of Invented Languages: Esperanto Rock Stars, Klingon Poets, Loglan Build A Perfect Language eBook: Arika Okrent: : Kindle Store. In the Land of Invented Languages: A Celebration of Linguistic Creativity, Madness, and Genius. Front Cover. Arika Okrent. Spiegel & Grau Trade Paperbacks.

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Initially this book was fairly amusing, but somewhere around the half-way mark its charms began to fade, and by the end it was just plain exhausting. Nonetheless, it is an impressive and entertaining accomplishment.

If they are spoken at all, these languages are spoken by fringe og, few of whom get much more respect than those Trekkie Klingon speakers. Account Options Sign in. Nov 08, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: These folks are usually dreamers. While many bright people languagse Mark tend to blame the world for not rewarding them more heartily for their smarts, he accepts his own responsibility in the matter.

Okrent also takes a brief detour into the resurrection of Hebrew from a strictly liturgical language into a daily form of communication after an almost year hiatus I could have read a lot more about Hebrew than the few pages here. I didn’t know that Modern Hebrew was artificially brought okent as a spoken language after centuries of existing only in religious texts.

Peopled with charming eccentrics and exasperating megalomaniacs, the land of invented languages is a place where you can recite the Lord’s Prayer in John Wilkins’s Philosophical Language, say your wedding vows in Loglan, and read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Lojban.

Each conlanger in the book is given a biography that’s necessarily brief maybe this book only feels short because I enjoyed it so much but full of motivation, context, and the delicious savor of research.

Just about everyone has heard of Esperanto, which was nothing less than one man’s attempt to bring about world peace by means of linguistic solidarity.


The One that solved all our problems, that united all of humanity.

Did they have to be so weird in public? At times funny, at times poignant, the book never loses sight of the fact that a book about language is a book about people who love language. The Language Construction Kit. Artificial languages throughout history, what inspired oirent creation, and how most of them failed. I was a linguist who had developed a side interest lanr the subject of artifi cial languages, and I wanted to talk to Mark for research purposes. You can probably langyages that I enjoyed Akira Okrent’s book very much.

As the three languages that I consider most useful to know more about. Whatever happened to Esperanto — is it still ticking? And Okrent has a feel not just for the languages but also for the people behind them.

In the Land of Invented Languages

Product description Review Hats off to Okrent, who expertly exposes the history, culture, and preoccupations of this insular tribe who live among us. It’s also interesting to see how relative the idea of “the perfect language” has been throughout human history. She introduces us to some of the people who made up their own languages, tells us the reasons why they did it, and explores the aftermaths.

Apart from numerous projects of languages for international understanding, some languages were constructed in order to be used in books and films. This book is a gem for linguists – it is a fun, breezy account of invented languages and their place in linguistics. I, too, thought that an astonishingly high number. They’ll thank lznd but everyone else will, too, for finally making sense languagex the conlangers’ discontents. She covers languagee languages like Klingon, invented only for artistic fun in depth.

If you’re like me, if you th I really enjoyed this book. Although there is some technical discussion about the different languages, the jargon is kept to a minimum I lznd. But of course, one’s ideas of basic concepts are another’s of complicated thought, and so the various systems mostly failed.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. No trivia or quizzes yet. The most sophisticated “artistic” languages are the work of professional linguists or philologists, and the stand-out popular success has been Klingondictionaries sold!


It”s legitimate to laugh.

In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent | : Books

languagss And of course the first words she uses in discussing her female-oriented language is. I enjoyed this; it’s very much like a series of magazine articles in the sort of magazine that only exists in my dreams.

Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: The author is to be congratulated. I think the thing most readers will find most appealing about this book is the personal histories of the people who have created and worked on invented languages.

Here is the captivating story of humankind’s enduring quest to build a better language—and overcome the curse of Babel. The story of Charles Okreent is an excellent example of the engrossing nature of this book. May 26, Vanessa rated it really liked it Shelves: Miller, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “[Okrent’s] book is both thought-provoking and fun. It gives a history of invented languages in a historical context, showing how the form and function of the languages fit in with the scientific or linguistic fads of the time.

Okrent’s style is eminently suited to her approach, which is at once serious and playful, exemplified by her marvelous, snappy opening sentence: Klingon has entertainment as part of its face value.

Okrent’s style is eminently suited to her approach, which is at once serious and playful, exemplified by her marvelous, snappy opening sentence: So outside of gift books I really don’t encounter the genre much. At the very end of this lush orchid garden of languages there was one more section, where linguists don”t generally care to visit–a few lonely shelves of faded plastic fl owers, the artifi cial languages.

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