By Gaetano Cipolla Professor Emeritus, St John’s University President and Editor of Arba Sicula marks the th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Meli. ARBA SICULA is the official journal of the Sicilian- American organization by the same name whose principal objective is to preserve, study, and promote. We publish a journal entitled “Arba Sicula” that contains sections on Sicilian poetry, prose, art, history, film cuisine, book reviews. The journal is entirely bilingual.

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Once you subscribe, and begin reading, you will become amazed at what Gaetano Cipolla is doing and what he has accomplished along with others. This is a review of one of Prof.

I libri sono sempre bilingue. Sometimes tragic accidents happen, and unfortunately, many people have died. Il divario tra Nord e Sud non si sta riducendo, in alcuni casi si sta espandendo. In the larger American context, the differences between Sicilians and other Italians may have become somewhat blurry, but if you ask a Sicilian what he is, he will still answer “I am Sicilian,” usually followed by “and I am proud of it.

This year our 20th year we siculq holding two consecutive tours because of the great interest people have in going to Sicily. Nowadays, millions of Italian Americans, dozens of sicyla, several feasts and festivals are proud of their Sicilian heritage and happy to celebrate it: Italy has not invested in Sicily or the South.

Sicilia Bedda Was it the earth shaking under my feet or was it my knees? You may be interested.

The period of mass emigration, the one starting in and ending more or less in the early 20’s of the XXth century, didn’t see at the beginning Sicily as the main region of departure. Mafia has obviously hurt very much the perception of Sicily and its citizens in the US.


Since Sicilian emigration is no longer possible the native Sicilians are dwindling and with them the Sicilian language is also suffering. Cipolla’s most recent translations, but also makes mention of his work over the past 40 years. Abbiamo oltre membri in tutto il mondo, e almeno un membro in ogni stato degli Stati Uniti, compresi Alaska e Hawaii. Former Montclair resident Linda Carman watched her father’s dream roll off the presses thi Abbiamo bisogno di combattere gli stereotipi, in ogni occasione.

Gaetano Cipolla – The Sicilian Project

Frank Sinatra’s th birthday would have been Saturday and the Coachella Valley is celebr It is usually pages, sometime larger. Giuseppe Petrosino was a true Sicilian hero, fighting the black hand in New York at the beginning of last century: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Sicilian Dawn is a not-for-profit international society whose main objective is the preservation and promotion of the Sicilian language and culture. They should not be made to bear the brunt of malpractice, bad governments, arb and injustice that drive people to flee from their home.

Gaetano Cipolla (President – Arba Sicula)

Arba Sicula has at least one member in […]. But Sicilians can claim that the stringy pasta was already plentiful in the town of Trabia as early […]. Sicilian dialogue is on the left page, English translation on the right page. He was also a professor of languages at St.

If we ask you to mention a few important personalities ara really have represented, or represent now, the pride of being a Sicilian in the US, which names would you give us?

The books are always bilingual. Is there a story of someone not particularly known or famous, that is useful to tell the experience of the millions Sicilians that came arbx the US in search of a new life?


Colgo quindi l’occasione per dire al Presidente Gaetano Ciopolla ed a tutti i Soci che siamo grati It is a larger problem that requires world attention. Guardo le trasmissioni Rai con sgomento e impotenza.

I siciliani hanno anni di storia. Arba Sicula is a non profit organization founded in for the study, preservation and promotion of the Sicilian language and culture in the world. Views Read Edit View history.

We The Italians | Gaetano Cipolla (President – Arba Sicula)

You can get a great sense for the power of the Sicilian language, the color, and the texture. Languages Sicilianu Edit links. Every page is translated into English. To search in site, type your keyword and hit enter. Sicilians honor their guests.

Feast for the senses was repeated by all that came from Sicily. After I finished my presentation, a dozen Sicilians came up to me. Everyone knows that sicul first regional group among the Italian community in the US is the one from Sicily.

Our web site www. Last year on sjcula anniversary of Italy I was asked by a magazine to answer the question of whether Sicily was better off now or before it became Italian. Tuttavia, la seconda e la terza e anche la quarta generazione sono interessate a coltivare e arricchire la loro conoscenza della Sicilia.

Award-winning author and Brooklynite Paul Moses is back with a historic yet dazzling sto In the last issue of Arba Sicula we published an article about the first Sicilian astronaut, Luca Parmitano, who spent six months in space, working in the International Space Station.