Amok has 44 ratings and 0 reviews. Z pewnością w polskojęzycznej literaturze nie było jeszcze takiej pozycji. Jej nielinearna narracja, bezpardonowość, u. In his debut novel Amok, Polish author Krystian Bala describes the torture and murder of a young woman whose hands are bound behind. David Grann writes about Krystian Bala, a Polish intellectual accused of He began to work intensively on “Amok,” which encapsulated all his.

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It’s very vulgar and it was hard for me to read it, but I knew I had to. He blaa he found Janiszewski’s mobile in a cafe and brushes aside inconvenient facts as ‘lies’. In court, much was made of Bala’s apparent superiority complex. Fiction imitated life, it would seem, but only so far.

Krystian Bala (Author of Amok)

It is a gesture so utterly misplaced, so strangely callous, that for all the disturbing police reports, the tales of remorseless violence and senseless death, it is this memory that will lodge in my mind for days afterwards: And they said that a phone card was used to place calls to the victim on the morning of his disappearance as well as to Bala’s girlfriend and parents. The narrator – referred to throughout as Chris B – even sells the bloodied murder weapon on the internet auction site Allegro.

James Seward rated it did not like it Dec 18, The tip of a big toe protrudes through a hole in his left sock. Add the first question. Whenthe Polish equivalent of Crimewatch, aired a television special inappealing for information about the crime, the producers reported getting hits on their website from computers in Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

Wroblewski attempted to navigate the usual channels that a detective would after finding a body, and by some luck, was able to locate Janiszewski’s missing cell phone, which had been sold on an auction site soon after the murder. On 5 September in a court in the Lower Silesian city of Wroclaw, Bala, 34, was found guilty of co-ordinating the torture, semi-starvation and eventual murder of his ex-wife’s former lover. He likes to paint himself as a great dissident writer, an author whose work was deliberately intended to provoke conservative Polish society, and a philosopher whose thought processes are too advanced for the masses to understand.


They got married in When Krystian moved out of the couple’s Wroclaw apartment inhe hired a private detective to monitor his wife’s movements.

As he gets more animated, his stilted conversational English breaks into the hiss and spit of quickfire Polish.

A cruel chain of events turns a quiet, introvert boy from a desolated adoption Center into a fierce leader of a group of ruthless youngsters, who decide to take revenge of the world that has done them nothing but harm. He likes to make facile puns – ‘They call it the balw I call it the shitstem’ – delivering them with a half-smile, then repeating them to ensure krywtian joke has registered.

When he smiles, his whole face reddens. He had turtles, parrots, fish.

True Crime Thursday: Krystian Bala and Truth-Laced Fiction

Use the HTML below. The detective, Jacek Wroblewski, unwillingly inherited the case of Dariusz Janiszewski, who was found dead floating in a lake. One of the main pieces of circumstantial evidence against Bala was his own book, in which an eerily similar murder was committed by the protagonist.

Search for ” Amok ” on Amazon.

Amok by Krystian Bala

They were so convinced that the court would release their son at the end of his trial that they had already prepared a ‘Welcome Home’ banner. Want to Read saving….

But there was no serious girlfriend until he met Stanislawa inon one of his regular fishing trips. The bloated, semi-naked body of Janiszewski, a year-old advertising company director, was discovered by anglers on the banks of Wroclaw’s River Odra on smok washed-out, grey December morning in When the couple eventually separated inBala became obsessed with tracking his wife’s new partners, sending her abusive emails and text messages.


The first police investigation was abandoned in May after officers failed to find a single lead. What made Bala the man he became?

I look back to see him grinning, one of his arms outstretched, his thumb pricked up like an kryystian tourist on a day-trip to Disneyland. As he is unlocked from his metal cage by a prison warder and led back down the corridor, the soles of his sandals squeaking against the linoleum floor, he stops suddenly and turns round. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Views Read Edit View history. Krystian Bala and Bla Fiction”. Teresa scurries upstairs, then brings down a sheet of cardboard on which they have drawn a felt-tip sketch of their house, surrounded by flowers and a large smiling sun.

It was the most sensational trial in recent Polish history, its every detail pored over by the local press and recounted breathlessly to a stunned public. Stanislawa was two years older, a restaurant chef who had taught herself to cook after leaving school with no qualifications.

Polish Murder Stranger Than Fiction

The Balas are kind, hospitable people who insist on making me tea ‘with milk – because it’s English’. He is even working on his second novel, which he promises with some relish will kryystian ‘even more scandalous’ than the first.

Breaking the Limits Retrieved 24 May It made unpleasant reading for Wroblewski, a mild-mannered and jovial year-old with close-cropped brown hair and a generous paunch that spills over his jeans waistband. Krystian Bala Lukasz Simlat Wroblewski read the book, and noticed some glaring similarities to the murder of Janiszewski.