A Systems lithium ion rechargeable ALM 12V7 battery is based on proven ANR cells. The battery offers high power, long cycle and calendar life, and . They deliver higher power, increased safety and exceptional calendar and cycle life compared with lead acid. The ALM 12V7 features integrated safety systems. The ALM 12V7s HP (up to 45 A continuous charge/discharge) is the next generation of NEC Energy Solutions pioneering Advanced Lithium Module, now with.

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Please take those discussions elsewhere. The A cells I have are indeed pretty well matched. Mon, 02 Jul Did you have an ammeter in the battery? Troubleshooting Chapter 6 Troubleshooting The typical BMS in a well-designed commercial product has very low continuos operating currents.

Now maybe it’s there; the EVDL search capabilities stink. If you don’t want to take my word for the facts, and absolutely must see the data yourself, do the search of the EVDL archives and find the thread on the subject.

Saturday, June 30, It’s not a matter of trust, Bill. However, A M1 cells are different and have been shown to not only survive being discharged to 0, but actually have a lower internal resistance afterward.

A123 ALM 12V7 Batteries now charging

But I’ll bet you 99 out of BMS designs won’t bother. No accessories on other than the engine. Most lithium chemistries, and in fact most chemistries where the electrolyte is not directly involved like it is for lead-acid. There is darn close to zero remaining capacity below 2 volts OCV.


For the higher temperatures and charging ratesexceeding these rates may result in engaging the ALM 12V7 s-Series protection circuitry. Started the engine and quickly disconnected the jumper cables, allowing the full amps from the alternator into the LiFePO4 battery.

Electric Vehicle Discussion List – A ALM 12V7 Batteries now charging

See Shelf Life page I thought if a LiFePO4 cell lam below 2. Just any design that uses power from a series string of cells to power the BMS.

These cells have a very slow self-discharge rate; I have A cells that have sat for over 3 years and are still above 3v. If you don’t have the data; say so. I’ll ask again, because all I have are anecdotes with no measurements.

However, the Linear Aalm LTC may be powered separately, or you can place a switch between the battery voltage and the IC’s power input pin, which can be opened when the battery is not in use or empty. Under Voltage Protection UVP state there is a limited time that the battery can remain without apm charged. What tests did you do, what was the data, and what were your conclusions? Lee Hart wrote the BMS itself can reverse a cell.

Remember the old mercury cells? Many other chemistries also do this. The ALM A Lithium Module Series batteries deliver significantly lighter weight, higher power and longer calendar and cycle life as compared with lead acid for a number of applications, including telecommunications, data centers, medical systems, electric mobility, and UPS systems, among others.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Please ask Bill Dube’ for more insights on this.

NEC ALM 12V7 s-Series User Manual

It really doesn’t matter because the cells are unharmed by going to zero volts. As I said in my earlier post, “I also should emphasize that the cells themselves really are not damaged by discharging to zero volts. It is powered exclusively from the series string of cells it is monitoring. Page 15 – Chapter 3 Handling, Storage and Installa As Carl Sagan said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


I know A cylindrical cells are great! The reason you are having such a hard time believing it, and saying “This couldn’t possibly be so! Note that a cell can be below that limit under heavy load, as long as it then snaps back to an OCV above 1.

I couldn’t find anything. The packs are designed to assume that they will never be left idle for more than a few months at a time, without being charged. Yeah, the archives are a pain to use. Or, is the battery shipped in an “off” state, where the cells are in fact still charged but the BMS and output is off? Can replace 12vdc 7Ah batteries like PSF2. Start of add to list layer. But that doesn’t mean it was the amps you specified. I’m having a hard time believing it because I haven’t seen any test data to support it!

You don’t care if they do or not. The latter has real numbers, and sufficient information so one could duplicate the test to verify the results.