Purchase the Aastra Dialog Operator System Phone from a UK Supplier for £ ex VAT. Fast Delivery. Call Now or Buy Now. The Aastra/Ericsson Dialog Operator terminal is a compact and cost- effective alternative for smaller organizations, such as departments or small remote. The Aastra Dialog Operator telephone, part number DBC 01/, is in stock and availalble from MF Communications.

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If the whole group is busy the call can still be extended. We will contact you directly with any additional shipment charges are due.

Page 7 How this User Guide works The initial section of the User Guide introduces the equipment and familiarises you with the layout of the Dialog Operator. The Dialog Professional is ideal for administrative workers and traditional call center ACD agents. Page 54 Inform the called party that you have a caller for them.

Order now to avoid disappointment, as we approach the busy Festive Period: Such ergonomic design combined with advanced operator functionality and ease-of-use, makes this terminal the perfect choice for the small office.

Require real time collaboration between remote parties?

Dialog 4224 Operator Light Grey

Authorisation Code To lock an extension: Repeat the procedure to add more conference members. An extra key panel and an optional unit for external equipment can be easily connected. The key lamp diaolg switched on, signaling that the terminal is in the continuous signal mode.


Continuous ring Continous ring mode. We use cookies to give you the best experience.

Dial the code to get an external line and the number. In idle mode or when ringing: If no dialoh or date is required: The functions and features available with this telephone are designed for easy use in all different telephone handling situations. The call is put on hold and will ring the first extension that becomes free.

Troubleshooting Dialoy display is OK when there are no light dot s or line s.

AASTRA Dialog Operator V2 digital Phone light grey – buy now!

Mitel Support module for Dialogand anthrazit. A high quality, hands-free speaking function offering full duplex and Acoustic Echo Canceling AEC makes this phone well-suited for telephone meetings. Loudspeaker for ring signal Handset Supplied with hearing aid function as standard. Serial Calls Dial the next number and extend. Aastra will not be liable for any damages arising from use of an illegal modified or altered publication.

Using the navigation keys in combination with softkeys, users can easily access a display menu with a number of system features such as a phonebook, call list, diversion, absence reason, etc. Ericsson BusinessPhone BP parts. The General Deactivation is done. Dialed number is vacant or the number is incomplete. Don’t show me this message again.


The display is OK when there are no light dot s or line s. Cleaning Clean your terminal only with a soft, water dampened cloth. It is userfriendly and equipped with a hands-free speaking function as well as an integrated headset port and a dedicated headset key.

Having trouble with your line or phone system? All phones support software downloading for remote upgrades and easy maintenance.

All goods returned must clearly state customers name, order no, telephone number, fault details and proof of purchasing. Volume control To change the volume.

Aastra Dialog 4224 Phone

The keypad uses a conventional numeric keypad and single access to all traffic handling functions. Intrusion And Forced Release You are connected to the urgent caller.

By signing up I authorize Assono Hungary Ltd. The key lamp is switched on, signaling that calls will be automatically answered.