In our examination of the teaching in the New Testament on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ we have discovered the great prominence of this doctrine. Born in Germany on August 27, , A. C. Gaebelein emigrated to the United States in to avoid compulsory military service and to experience the. The Psalms: An Exposition [Arno C. (A C) Gaebelein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Arno C. Gaebelein – Wikipedia

Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions. It was not a phantom departure, but He went in person. Jesus has not surrendered or forfeited His distinctive claim to the throne of His Jewish ancestor, David, by ascending on high and becoming the glorified Head of His body, the church.

The denial of this has led to much confusion. Instead of coming together before God, calling upon His name, trusting Him, that He is able to perform what He has so often promised, they speak about their riches, their influence, their Colonial Bank, and court the favor of the Sultan.

Bible Commentaries

In the Geabelein Testament it is spoken of as “the time of Jacob’s trouble” Jer. They were scattered into the four corners of the earth instead.

Gwebelein will be a visible return. Gaebelein was soon joined in his work by Ernst F. This was the ruling of the apostle to the Gentiles in all the churches.

He will bring all His Saints, the redeemed of both Testaments, with Him. We hold that Scriptural — not Talmudic or Rabbinical, still less Reformed — Judaism is as gaenelein as divine revelation as Christianity. His return is preceded by the falling away. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke frequently of His second coming.


The great movement is one f unbelief and confidence in themselves instead of God’s eternal purposes. He came not to destroy, but to fulfill, the law.

The Quotation Archive Add a Quotation. Scofield on his monumental work, the Scofield Gaebelei Bible. This blessed hope has rightly and scripturally been termed “the coming of the Lord for His Saints” in distinction from “the coming of the Lord with His Saints.

But nowhere does He say that He would come again at that time. It was there that C. In the years after the war, Gaebelein became a vocal and prolific defender of fundamentalism, inerrancy, and premillennialism.

Overview – Arno Gaebelein’s Annotated Bible

Some of the most vital doctrines of the faith are linked to this truth, that Christ will come back. He gave them prophetically the program of the end of the age. And he said “I will come again. Gentile and denominational Christianity.

The Jew is not a Gentile. Rewards and crowns will be bestowed upon those who were faithful. It is rather a political and philanthropic undertaking.

He cautioned his readers not to identify the war as Armageddon and exhorted them to trust God and turn to the Bible for comfort and guidance.

We look again and see a marvelous sunrise. He spoke of His return in different parables. Many religious leaders thought that Gaebelein was “way off” when he stated that God would regather the Jews back and Israel would once again become a nation before the end times.

With the storm clouds of war gathering once again inGaebelein wrote words that applied not only to his readers then, but to us as well: Edited initially by Stroeter, and by Gaebelein afterOur Hope provided conservative Christians world-wide information sympathetic to Zionism, Jewish affairs, and prophetic studies.

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Finding the new version too difficult to understand? Then the Apostle Paul and all the Apostles and martyrs will receive their crowns in that day 2 Tim.

He returns at the close of the great tribulation, Matthew With a ministry that bridged two centuries and endured two world wars, Gaebelein never doubted the relevance of the study of prophecy for spiritual growth and for interaction with the chaos of culture. Monday, December 31st, the Monday after Christmas. I was obliged to do something for the relief of the great suffering among the poor Jews.

Neither is complete without the other. The mystery of iniquity was then already at work 2 Thess. The Lord announced the coming of such a one. He predicted false Christs, with lying signs and wonders Matthew The New Testament teaches that there will be a judgment-seat of Christ. They should walk and live even as He lived among His own people, i.

Perhaps in His infinite mercy Gaebelsin may still tarry to add more members to His Body, His own fullness, which filleth all in all” quoted in Arno W. By using this gaebelen, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.